Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Scene news

KILL BABY KILL are working on 5 tracks for a split with The Gits from Poland, 2 for a 7" on Nadsat Records, 1 track for a 7" to be released by the Bewärungshelfer fanzine and also on 11 tracks for a new album due out later this year. The band also new shirts and hooded sweaters available from

Volksfront official support chapter Croatia in cooperation with local B&H division are organizing summer gathering on 22 August. Ballad singers from Austria and Spain will perform as well as political speakers from VF Spain and representatives of local organizations. Contact at: and

French (Brittany) band BRETONISCHE WAFFENVERBAND were formed in October 2008, originally only covering songs of the old French band Totenkopf. But they soon started working on originals, with lyrics about Europe, Brittany and the problems in today's society. So far they only played 1 show, near Limoges with Cellule 23 and Haïs & Fier. The band hasn't played live since as they wanted to concentrate on improving their sound. They soon will record some songs for a tribute compilation and a split with the Bordel Boys.

Our Magyar comrades from FEHER TORVENY are in studio recording their new cd which will be entitled “Szemben a világgal” – “Against the World” is the English translation. The album will contain 13 songs in extreme hate core style. The band will do their very best to finish the cd right on time for “Sons of Europe” Fest on 29th August. The cd will be produced by BHS Service label.

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