Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Rudolf Hess Memorial march in Hungary

It seems to be that Hungary will be the the top destinantion for NS events in 2009. This time the capital Budapest will be a host of Rudolf Hess Memorial march. This event is banned in Germany for years, last allowed march was in 2004 in Wunsidel and I was proud to attend back then.


This quote is from today's news:»The prime minister asked from all law enforcement agencies (police, prosecutor's department, court) to use the highest legal instruments to ban neonazis and neofascists »walking around« in Hungary.«

After the 10th rejected submission and 4th judgement, the organizers of the memorial could just smile to these words. Law enforcement agencies already did all this, without Prime minister having to ask for it, and they have the most unbelivabale and stupid reasons for not giving us the permission for memorial march and commemoration. Bullshit about the obstruction of traffic, about the square meters, obstruction of some building operations which are hundreds of meters away and so on, so obvious lies. These are all of the legal instruments so far, what police could show. And since we’re organizing our demonstrations on a lawfull way, following the strict instructions of the police and state years ago, what’s happening now is trampling our rights straight into the mud. We already didn’t want to use main squares or roads to have our march, but parks and pedestrian paths, to not disturb the traffic, but now we are even baned from the hills and forests!Our final submission is already on the court. This submisson is made on a maximum lawfull way again, so if they won’t care about the laws and we can’t get the permission again, it could be a message to all of the citizens of Hungary, that there is no legal security in Hungary today. But then we could tell it out for sure, with printed documents in our hands, that the political powers of Hungary don't care about the laws.It would be silly to think, that only a few hundreds national socialists got cheated now. No! THEY are making a joke from the Hungarian Constitution, from rights of gathering and from our right of justice.This demonstration is already more than a conmemoration about Spandau’s hero, it's the war of light against darkness in the labyrinth of law.The judgement of the court is coming on 13th of August 2009.

NS-FRONT Hungary – 10-08-2009.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings From Hungary!
The memorial rally failed because of these law cheats,and its a shame to tell that the general liberalist hungarian folk is so blind and desperate,that they didn't even care about it.All zion parties yelld';"we wouldn't let them either!" So once again,there is democracy,but not for us.Instead,for deviant pedophiles,communists,and so on...well,just wanted to report what happened :)

Keep workin' comrades,when people wake up from their sleep,we will rise again!

Great site! 88!