Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Gig in Sweden - Vit Legion, Vinterdis, White Law


The event took place on the countryside of Sweden, about 1-2 hours driving from Göteborg. Luckily we had a nice weather, no rain, no wind. So it was a perfect day for rocking! :)
As we arrived to the place with my hostess (Johanna of Vinterdis) there were already some guys, mostly from the crew who organized the gig.
Legion made a pretty good job: they found a place for the concert in a local sport club which was quite well-eqipped. One big hall for the gig, and one smaller for the merchandise. The price of the ticket also included some warm food which is quite impressing if I think of the fact that mostly everybody becomes hungry during a concert especially if the event is that long like that.
After a while people started to fill the whole place, mainly outside of the sport club as smoking was forbidden inside the building (good idea again...even if I’m a smoker I’m sick of inhale the smoke inside the building during a concert). As I remember there were quite many foreigners. Of course mostly from the surrounding countries like Norway, Germany, Denmark, England. So it was a real international NS concert :)

Vinterdis opened the night around 9pm and personally I was waiting for this band tonight. They’re playing a kind of melodic RAC music with female vocals! In some of their first songs I also found some little touches of viking metal. I’m not realy the biggest fan of this kind of music, but as I know Johanna and her talent I was realy curious to see a live performance of Vinterdis. You know it’s quite hard to reproduce the feeling of a CD on the stage, but I think Johanna and Vit Legion made a pretty good job. She handed back the same atmosphere of the CDs. It was also fun to hear some Skrewdriver songs with female vocals, and I think they made it better than Saga did.
The next band was Vit Legion. They’re standing behind Johanna, they’re responsible for the musical part of Vinterdis also.
These guys realy know how to rock: with all the catchy melodies, aggressive vocals and hard rhythms they grabbed the audiance’s attantion. It seemed to me they are quite popular in Sweden. Now I know why. I also had the chance to get to know them by the day before the gig during a house party in the forest. They are just what they seem to be, and that’s what I felt during their performance. I hope sooner or later I’ll have the opportunity to see them on stage or in a house with some bottles of pálinka :)

The main band of this night was White Law from England. I know these guys well, we played together two times previously with my band, so I got no surprise from them. And you should take this as positive comment. Their typical Oi music, their attitude gives you the feeling of ’80s (well if I would live in the ’80s I guess it would be like that). Of course the audience went crazy for the hits like Kick The Reds In, Take The Salute, Wellcome To Our World.

The well-known noose also showed up on the stage by Benny, and after the gig everybody wanted to take a photo with it and the band. During their performance they called Johanna on the stage to sing some Skrewdriver songs. They did a good job. This is unity! :)

After the concerts I think everybody left the building with the feeling of a good memory.
The organizer crew started to clean the building to leave it like they got it. It was quite impressing to see this well organized event where everything was fixed, everybody had fun and returned home with a nice memory of a concert. I’ve visited many concerts around Europe, smaller and bigger, and to tell the truth this Swedish party was one of the best organized one, where the whole crew knew their job, they did exactly what they planed, solved all the problems (if there were any) and felt responsible for the audience also. Everybody could learn from them how to make a gig like that. Thank you for this expreience!
Hail Legion! Hail Sweden!



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