Friday, 5 July 2013

B&H Hexagone Summer Solstice

22nd of June was long awaited day for me. It was the date of summer Solstice organized by the French BH Division-Hexagone. The other very important reason that I was so exited about was the special guest of the event - the living legend Stigger!!! As soon as I was told about the event, I have done my very best to be there, no matter it was really hard to take day off from work. I’ve visited summer Solstice in 2012, so I had great memories from this event.
   The celebration was at the same place as last year-very nice and big botanic garden, near by the city of Marseille. We arrived around 17 h., when everything was already prepared. So it was the right time for a bottle of rose wine :) !!! I was happy to see there some old faces, almost all the guys from B&H crew and many of my mates.

 In such so nice and friendly atmosphere time ran out very fast. Between the wine, beers and all the friends there, somehow the night was already fallen down. So here came the moment I have been waiting for years. Finally I had the chance to see Stigger on a live ballad performance! Of course a musician like him needs no representation, I really don’t believe, there is someone in that movement, who don’t feel respect and comradeship, when he hears his name.

So, for the first part of his set, he has played some very famous Skrewdriver ballads like "Old Albion" and "Green fields of France", few of his own band “Warlord”, plus covers of “Sweet home Alabama”, "Tuesdays Gone" and "Devil's right hand". I have expected really a lot, but his performance was even more than I expected!

Right after him, Michel (singer of “Frakass” and guitarist of “Brutal Attack”) took the guitar. It’s not necessary even to say, how all the people was happy to see him on the stage, as his band “Frakass” is one of the most loved and active from the French RAC scene. He has started his acoustic performance with “Runes de pouvoir”, ”Un chemin pour la liberte”, ”Hymne a la gloire” and “LVF”.  Right after his set, it was time for the Solstice ceremony.

    The “head” of BH Hexagone, delivered a great speech about the nature, the mission in our life, comradeship and family. He said really good things which touched the heart of everyone. After that we burn the fire, and for respect the tradition we drink “Hydromel” (the oldest alcohol ever known), which Stigger brought from England especially for the ceremony. After that, everyone had the chance to put in the fire stick of wood for the memory of someone important for their lifes, which is not anymore among us…
   Great ceremony, not to short, not to long-just perfect! There was something magic in the air and we really become one with the nature and we felt the spirit of our ancestors.

   After that was time for the real party! Michel took again the guitar, he made very professional and the same time funny presentation, and as always when he plays - all the people was singing along and dancing with him. The second part of his set contained songs as “Pour la France et l’Europe”, after “Solstice d’hiver” and he finished with “Dernier Hommage”. Michel was perfect, as usual. I really believe, that at the moment, he is the most popular French RAC singer, as we can see, he really loves what he does and he do it well.
   So once again it was time for my favorite singer in present days – Stigger. For the second part of his set, he has choose more dynamic and rock’n’roll songs. It was the climax of the party, everyone, absolutely everyone was singing and dancing. The youngest fan of his music was very little girl, which has been there with her parents.

 The moment I will never forget, was when Stigger played “Get yourself tattooed” specially for me J. He also played “Blood and Honour”, which were specially for the guys from B&H and for finish, as he always do, he played “Sleep well my brother”. Now he really touched my heart, was breath stopping moment to stay and watch this amazing acoustic concert with the big fire under the moon light!!! A moment of my life, which for sure I will never forget!!!
   The concert was over, but the party wasn’t. All the people were sitting around the fire, we had nice and interesting conversations and I’m sure that all of us will remember this evening until the end of our days.
  Here as usual I want to thank first B&H Hexagone’s members for the hard work and great organization, Stigger and Michel for the great concert they did for us, to Nadia, Helene and Aurelie for the great “wine time” we had togetherJ!!! I honestly confess this was one of the best weekends in my life.

 Exclusive report by S.