Thursday, 25 April 2013

In Review - I.C.1

Name: “Loud and Proud”
Label: PC Records
Style: Rock’n’Oi
Tracks: 13

After their great debut cd “Out of Control” from 2009 the English/German RAC combo is back with a bang. A great pack of 13 brand new songs in the very same spirit of catchy and fast rock tunes with even a touch of saxophone in the intro of one of the songs. The lyrics are dealing with everyday life in the modern sick society, corrupt medias and politicians, football violence, booze and glory and the memories of the good old times “when skinheads rule OK”. Compared to the first album the sound of this one is not that rough, but I can still nominate songs such as "Rule O.K.”, Best of our Times", “No beer Here” and “Skinhead girl” for a future everyone favorite’s anthems.
What I can state as a minus is the booklet of the cd – both from the bad quality of the printing paper and low pixelization of the images displayed inside as well. Despite this you can find all the songs lyrics plus a Statement from the band concerning some important issues which need to be clarified. 

The information in advance to all the IC 1 supporters is that the bands 3rd album is starting to take shape and has a working title of 'We are the Boise'. For all of you who like to be up-to-date with the band’s activity you can follow them on IC1 FaceBook page at: IC 1 Fanpage
At last but not the least - don’t hesitate to buy this cd and support one of the last bands who stick to the true skinhead sound!!!

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