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Nordic Summer Fest in Finland

Nordic Summer fest 9-10 August  2013

Nordic Summer fest was held in the second time in Finland, at Orivesi which is 40 km north of Tampere. This year the gig place was closer to the city and the the weather was good, also many improvements was being made, there were cabins which could be rented to the comrades, also good toilets and washing facilities as including a sauna, little over 200 comrades arrived at the gig place from, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and of course Finland.
Friday's first band was Pagan Skull, RAC from Jyväskylä band was founded in 2006, latest cd – In the hands of the Fatherland published in 2012. The second band at Friday was Marder from Helsinki, they have played since May 2012, but they have been very active in gig front. Last band at Friday night was the Street sweepers from Kouvola, they played some covers from the famous Finnish RAC band Mistreat and also they new material at they cd whits is almost ready and out.

Saturday began with small problems, beginning of playing would have been Civic Duty, but one band member's car had broken down, so there was some changes to the band playing order. So, first at Saturday was Irminsul from Spain, they have played since 2006 and they second full length album is soon out, at the gig they played very energetic gig which they received a lot of positive feedback.

Second was Endless Pride from Sweden, band was born in September 2002, and plays metal with glimpses of old school rock'n'roll and oi. They had their sixth CD-Decade of pride” released by Midgard records in 2012. Endless Pride played a good gig and the crowd liked what they saw.

Third band was Goatmoon from Lappeenranta. This Finnish black metal band was established in spring of 2002, the lyrics are mostly about white supremacy and hate. This band was expected a lot and there was a lots of fans in the crowd, and they were not disappointed.

 Fourth band was Civic Duty from Helsinki, the band was founded in 2007. They are also very active at the the gig front, they have a very aggressive sound and Joonas have a good voice, they played a good set in the darkening evening.

The fifth and  the event's headliner was Blitzkrieg from Sachsen/Germany, founded in 1999. Their latest cd is called Das letzte Bollwerk(The last bastion) released in 2011. Blitzkrieg is very famous and popular band all across Europe, this was second time they were playing in Finland, and time after time the band succeed to exceed expectations of crowd. Even before Blitzkrieg finished their set the crowd wanted to see Irminsul back on stage,   so the band played few more songs on encore and the Spanish boys did their best to pleased the crowd which went mad. It was a great final of this second edition of Nordic Summer Fest. See you next year in Finland!!!

Special Thanks to: Blood and Honour Finland, Luopio Band members, all bands, all crew who supported the gig, Alex, Niko, Jaana, Suvi, Kristiina, Kaisa.

Report by: Jope
Photos by:  White Rebels Finland

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