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The sacrifice of Captain Dimitar Spisarevski

"To fall Bulgaria should fall only Sofia. It should be razed and the rubble and to sow potatoes”
Winston Churchill

Cap. Dimitar Spisarevski

On December 20, 1943 formation of American bombers "flying fortresses" B-24 Liberteytar ("Liberator" ironic author), guarded by dozens of fighter jets bombed again and buries the capital Sofia with the deadly its load.

For comparison, Bulgarian Air Force during the war have about 80 aircraft. It should be noted further that the Air Force two "most democratic" societies in the world in the United States and Britain, not just bombed civilians, but got there it poured so-called "toy bombs"  that explode in the hands of children.

Airport Bozhurishte this day martial duty gives alumnus Second Male High School and the Military School of His Majesty, Lieutenant Dimitar Spisarevski. For him, this is the first combat flight, but something unexpected happened - the machine which was supposed to fly, he breaks down and uses a spare aircraft - Messerschmitt Me-109G-2. During the battle Lieutenant Spisarevski off one of the flying fortresses. Pushed by the guards of the enemy fighters, Bulgarian pilot assumes a rate of rupture is the enemy bombers and although his plane was riddled with machine gun fire, managed to catch him and crashes into the "Liberator." His plane crashed on the village of Dolni Pasarel. In the air battle and died lieutenant George Kumurdjiev.

From bombers shot down by "Tara" from the first Bulgarian "live warhead" survives only twenty-four year-old Sergeant, Robert Henry Renner. The story goes that during his treatment in hospital, asked to bring with him the mother of Spisarevski on which to forward their orders and medals as a sign of respect for the heroism of her son.

This we know from the diaries of Bozhurishte airport, but what is this person? How has decided this great sacrifice? Why he decided to sacrifice young twenty-seven year life in defense of the sky over Sofia and the Fatherland?

Let's dive into the memories of relatives, friends and enemies and everyone to decide what was this young man:

"There are celebrities who sharply distinguished from the others. Once you meet them, to remember them forever. Spisarevski was the kind of person. Are you angry about something terrible happening. And for myself doing that, but always in defense of others, the weaker. Particularly attached to his comrades. Was ready for them, without batting his eyes, to throw and even fire. But most strongly reacted when it offensive as a Bulgarian. All men love and respect him, because to them it was playful and talkative. " says  pilot-Colonel Stoyan Stoyanov.

In Lufatwaffe uniform
"There was a Feldfebel (Sergant) of his company - Gatev that beat most regular soldiers. Once a soldier had undertaken an a bar ... Spisarevski see him pluck with power bar and then broke his back and said: "This boy has come here to serve Bulgaria and you beat him. Who gives you this right? "Said O.z. Feldfebel-Aeromechanic Ivan Petrov.

From the memories of the fighter pilot Michael Grigorov, served under the command of Lieutenant Spisarevski understand: "Whenever he spoke of Bulgaria and mentioned her name or talked about its history, its natural beauty or it came to decent Bulgarians, his voice began to vibrate, and his face blush of internal stress. His chest swelled and it became a huge and impressive. With its proud stance dominated us all. "

Lieutenant John Makledan: "Only six minutes before he fell with my fighter with my own eyes I saw something incredible and awesome. I do not know whether the American pilots have experienced something similar in Europe. With the same eyes with which you see, I watched a flying whirlwind Bulgarian fighter is now separated from collapsing to the ground our "flying fortress" fell with all his strength on the other, and fell on it. He pulled her tail and "fortress" to break a large oak struck by lightning in the mountains. And there was one of our best crews.

Indeed, the terrible death, even the most fearless drivers! "

To get a more clear idea about the personality of Spisarevski will mention one incident:

During his training in the elite German fighter Vernoyhen School in 1938, a German officer abusive Bulgarian honor. Spisarevski beats up the German along with five other German pilots. Gear up to a huge scandal, which was quickly extinguished by the head of the school. The commander was impressed by the ambition of Spaycha (Spisarevski's nickname) and boasted to the other pilots in the school.
After 1989 his heroic feat is removed from oblivion. It has been published numerous books, pamphlets and articles. Monuments were erected in his home town of Dobrich, Sofia , and his skull a place where a plaque was affixed. Streets and boulevards carry their name in Dobrich, Sofia and village of Pasarel.


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