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Report from B&H Slovenia gig

Deptarture from Middle England at 7am Thursday morning, eventually arrived in Ljubljana at 4.30pm, was met by comrades from Slovenia who I had contacted via this B&H forum, was taken to a very nice B&B for a wash and brush up, then about 6pm was picked up and taken to the infamous/notorious Club 88! Had been told about this place by a couple of the members of Section 88 at the St Georges Day gig in April, any way I wasn't to be disappointed. Club 88 may not be the biggest, most sulubrious pub but how often do you walk into a joint to be greeted by a HUGE portrait of Adolf Hitler! The beer was good, cheap and tasty and with Skrewdriver/No Remorse/Brutal Attack on the juke box could you ask anymore of 'any' pub? Glad I went on the Thursday as I got to meet the Slovenians in chill out mode and ave a chat/laugh/drink as most of 'em were 'working' the gig Friday/Saturday night. All the Slovenian boys were f*ck*ng top geezers though, passionate, funny and 100% committed to the cause. Sat drinking beer and blueberry snapps with them for 4-5 hrs before becoming DJ for the night and avin a couple of hours of my favourite white power tunes. Eventually the lack of sleep (cough!) and lack of food (cough!) and an exessive amount of alcohol started to take its toll and I had to be escorted (carried) back to the B&B!

Friday started late with one HUGE hangover, sleep/food/water sorted that though and by 2pm I was back at Club 88, the weather was very mild and we could sit outside drink and listen to more quality white power tunes. The party was due to start at 6pm but by mid afternoon comrades from Holland, Germany, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia (N/S/E/W), Switzerland and beyond started to arrive, a 12hr party of drinking/singing/laughing then proceeded as the numbers grew and grew and comrades from every corner of Europe descended on this tiny venue. Speeches were made by our Slovenia hosts to welcome us all and some of the younger skins (who worked f*ck*ng hard setting things up) got their tee-shirts that made them fully fledged members of the group, a really nice touch. Anyway the party went on til about 3am then back to the B&B.

The day of the gig started late (thankfully minus a hangover, thanks to laying off the snapps) and predictably the first port of call was Club 88, as the previous day comrades started to descend upon the club in larger and larger numbers and the various number of nationalities (Austrians, Croatians, Hungarians, Italians, Slovakians, Spaniards, crew from Bulgaria /note editor/) just grew and grew. The atmosphere was good as comrades rekindled old friendships, drank and chatted, then about 6pm people started to head towards the venue of the gig, the venue by the way was a LARGE night club a bit like old Hummingbird night club in Brum, for those that know Birmingham. Upon arrival a large number of people were already lined up ready to go in, on getting inside the venue consisted of a large main room with a rectangular bar and a big dancefloor, in the other room had a fantastic selection of merchandise.

Too the important stuff now and the bands:

First up was German band Rotte Charlotte, I saw them at the 2009 Fest Der Volker and once again they were very good, different in many ways as they are a bit more punky rock n roll rather than stodgy Teutonic rock/metal, up beat and bright they got the night off to a great start, am told their lyrics are mainly satirical which unfortunately leaves an Englishman who speaks very little German floundering but even I got Antifa Superstar to the tune of Skinhead Superstar by The Bully Boys, a good set, well recieved by the crowd and we were off to a flyer.

Rotte Charlotte

Next on stage were one of Englands finest and the ever popular Whitelaw, now with a second guitrarist which really gives them that added kick they started off with the crowd favourite/anthem Kick The Reds In, the front of stage mosh pit was now really in full swing as the Nottingham boys nailed classic after classic, Benny was doing his trade mark speeches/diatribes mid song as Fetch The Noose, Raise A Salute, Nothin At All, were all knocked out. Too finish what else but Tomorrow Belongs To Me and one last blast of Kick The Reds In (again) a top set that the ever exhuberent crowd really enjoyed and really good to see a band who genuinely seemed thrilled and exited to be there.

Next up were the German giants Division Germania who I'd seen earlier in the year at the Bonded By Blood gig, a large German contingent were always gonna give them a huge reception, like a panzer rolling they do/did song after song and 'fortunately' a German comrade from Bavaria translated the lyrics to me as best he could and explained what each song was about. They seemed to have a few technical problems along the way so their set wasn't as fluid as it might of been but the crowd sang along, seig heiled and moshed from start to finish and another great set came to an end.

Fourth band of the night was French band Frakass who unfortunately had to follow Division Germania and proceed headliners Brutal Attack, a thoroughly unenviable task, most people seemed to take a breather at this point so they didn't quite have the crowd with them like the other bands did, have to admit I went outside for some fresh air at this point but what I did see/hear was some very proficient French RAC, good to see a French band represented on the bill and they got a poitive reception as their set came to an end.

Last but last were the headliners and RAC legends Brutal Attack, with 30+ years under their belts they were never gonna fail to hit the mark infront of a huge receptive, enthusiastic, appreciative audience, we got classic hit after classic hit, as the mosh pit got bigger and bigger and wilder and wilder! Stand out song of the night was undoubtedly 'Always Near' as the whole audience joined in and the seig heiling reached a zenith. Shame the minutes silence wasn't as quiet or respected as it may have been but I think some of the message was slightly lost in translation with some of the punters. The set finished with the crowd wild and high as a kite and a good night was had by all.

Brutal Attack

A few nice speeches by the Slovenian organisers thanking everyone for attending was a nice touch and alot of very drunk, very tired skinheads headed to the for corners of Europe.

This truly was a great event, a great gig and a massive success, to the Slovenian organisers (old/young/male/female) a huge thank you from ALL of us, you are a credit to the Brotherhood, cheers to ALL who helped me over the week-end and heres to the 11th Anniversary in 2012. Nice to meet old friends and great to make new ones, this was a top week-end, Slovenia as a country is clean, friendly and white, its skinheads are intelligent, committed and honourable.

Hail Slovenia! Hail B&H! Hail the European Skinhead Army!!!

by Krusty

Photos by Galician white devils blog

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