Monday, 5 December 2011

Headhunters Domžale Interview

Hello comrades, please introduce to our readers your organization in few words. How the idea of HH Domzale was born?

The idea was born in critical moments, when Slovenia entered the EU and we realised that intentions of Europe and European capitalism is to migrate as many non-whites in our country. The HHD became a safe place and shelter for people with same ideology, for people who feels like foreigner in their own country.

Why you have chosen this name? Is it connected somehow to notorious hooligan firm Chelsea Headhunters?

The idea came in coincidence, when Warren Glass from Chelsea HH was here on visit. After long conversations, we came to conclusion that we have the same oppinion about NS, so we asked him if we can use their name. Allthough we have no connections with hooliganism or football firms.

Do you consider HH Domzale as a political organization? Do you cooperate with any nationalistic political parties in Slovenia or skinhead crews?

We have no ambitions to cooperate with political parties because parliamentar democracy is destroying White man. So this kind of sistem, brought by ZOG can't operate. We are working with B&H Slovenia, of which we are a local branch.

Slovenia gain it’s independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 very fast unlike other ex YU countries who suffered bloody wars? Can you tell us more detailed info about this historical event?

The war was not as bloody as elsewhere, but we think it would be better that it would be more like it, because we see that in other countries there is a higher level of nationalism.

What can you tell us about the history of Slovenian WP scene, past and present?

This scene has developed about 1989. In the begining it was more opportunistic, so many of followers were there just because of dangeorus looks. From year to year our scene was rising and there came a lot of people who were there for ideology and knew their goals and intentions.

Couple of years ago members of Slovenian band Skullcrusher were heavily beaten on a C 18 gig in Netherlands. What was the reason for this incident?

As we know, it was arranged that the band was attacked.

How many gigs take place in Slovenia per year? As far as I know during the last few years your country was visited by some of the leading bands in our scene. What are your memories from these great concerts?

We organize one big and one small concert, because our main course is quality not quantity. These gigs are our greatest memories and those who didn't saw it, can't even undestand. We are very proud of ourself because most of these bands says we are one of best organizators in Europe.

What is the level of “political correctness” in your country? Have you often been attacked by the media? Are there any special “anti racist laws” in Slovenia?

Racist laws in Slovenia are the same as in other countries but our advantage is that we stoped contacting with media over 15 years ago and our capability that in our little country is that we can affect on every event which can be potentially dangerous for our movement. This mean that we stop every jerk who try to bring us down.

Do you have many international contacts? Which is your favourite destination abroad?

We have contacts all over Europe and our favourite destination is not just one. We have beutifull memories from England, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Italy, etc.

The name of your Homeland is often mistaken with Slovakia, because of the similarities of the names? Do you know any funny anecdote or story about this matter :) ?

Yes it is often mistaken becuse of similar names but in the other hand there are worst things than this. The Americans thinks that Europe is their state. Hehe  :) !

What is your opinion on chauvinism?

The first priority is white race the other things that comes on our way are not important.

What do you know about Bulgaria and it’s movement?

Our way of knowing the country is that we sit in the car and go on roadtrip to meet new comrades. In March 2012 we are planning to go in so be prepared. Hehe :D

What are the future plans of HH Domzale? Any upcoming gigs or social activities?

In next year we are planning to do some parties on which we expect comrades from all Europe. Becuse our belief is that when we forget all the differences in Europe we will become stronger. In year 2012 we are preparing 2 concerts and all informations about it you will get the right time on internet or from our guys.

Your final words? Any message to our readers?

The nationality defends on ramparts of race so no more brother wars.

Together we stand! Divided we fall!

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