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Nissa skins Interview

Greetings Comrade! We would like to thank you for your answers, thus we come to know more about the French movement and also about you. First of all please tell us about yourself and about the Nissa Skins Crew.

In the context of French and European politicking, young nationalists from city of Nissa wished to regroup in a small but radical structure. The aim is to bring together friends participating in the same sports, cultural and activists.

The Nissaskins (NSH) were born in April 2002

I know you are editing a blog and a magazine (Werwolf webzine, Hammerfall zine). Could you tell something about these? Why you felt their importance? Will you continue the Hammerfall Zine?

This second question follows on from the first. Indeed, before a decline in youth engagement, we wanted to maintain a certain way of life, in other words to create and maintain the flame. In the early 2000s, there has been little by little the disappearance of French and zines in 2008 there were more skinzine, hence the birth of Hammerfall. And for that we must use the latest technologies, and in France we had a car behind, it was essential to create a webzine (Werwolf), who was also one of the forerunners in its field Actually view the blog launched in September 2008 and the zine a month later. Despite all the existing sites and blog, there was a void in France. No site was dedicated to the patriots, nationalists, skinheads, to the NS. A 100% National blog! The concept was to upgrade the Fanzine by keeping online through the blog, for better distribution. This allows us to reach many more people. Hammerfall the zine were to exist, and I hope I can continue I had to interrupt it because of time, as new projects have emerged as the realization of the DVD Brutal Attack (a big thank you to the Hungarian comrades for their help) and a compilation of international assistance to political prisoners.

Please tell us something about the French movement’s past and its present?

The Patriots defender of France gradually became the guardians of the nation against the Republicans and liberal egalitarian capitalist. In this context, they recognized the enemies of France in the Freemasons, Jews and all the parties and international associations. Unfortunately the French Nationalists had little opportunity to overthrow the government in power, and wars have decimated many of us from the historical parenthesis of the French government (under the government of Marshal Petain). Nationalists are in silent war, and had little room to express their political beleifs. One structure is out of the omerta, the Front National (FN) at a price many concessions to the system and focusing on the elections in the short term at the expense of training militants in the long term. Crane, Jean Marie Lepen kept some radical in his discourses (to a certain unification of the national family), which ended with the arrival of Marine LePen. Meanwhile, there was explosion of black and north African immigration, and now Asian. While Jews are in control of the goverment, the NS movement has gradually reduced. Only a few radical groups such as the French work survived

While groups like the Bloc(h) Identitaire (Nissa rebela, Projet apache, rebeyne,...)of Israel opts like The English Defense League. Because of fatigue (disappointed corrupt governments) and the consumer society, young people turn away from politics and the public interest.

But others rekindle the flame.

The main organizations in France:

• Poujadisme :

o Union de défense des commerçants et artisans (1953)

• Mouvance identitaire et néopaïenne :

o Terre et Peuple (1994)

o Nouvelle droite populaire (NDP) (2008)

o Front Comtois (2008)

• Nationalisme :

o Jeune Nation (1949-1958)

o Occident (1964-1968)

o Groupe union défense (GUD) (1968-2002)

o Œuvre française (1968)

o Ordre nouveau (1969-1973)

o Front national (FN) (1972)

o Parti des forces nouvelles (PFN) (1974-1984)

o Alliance populaire (1992-1995)

o Parti national républicain (1995-1999)

o Mouvement national républicain (MNR) (1999)

o Parti de la France (PdF) (2009)

o Rassemblement étudiant de droite (RED) (2004-2009)

• Solidarisme :

o Mouvement jeune révolution (1966-1972)

o Groupes action jeunesse (1973-1978)

o Union solidariste (1975-1976)

• National-catholicisme :

o Chrétienté-Solidarité (1980)

o Parti Français Chrétiens (1984)

o Renouveau français (RF) (2005)

• Fascisme clérical :

o Cercle franco-hispanique

• Pétainisme :

o Association nationale Pétain-Verdun (ANPV)

o Jeunesses patriotes (1924-1936)

• NS :

o Parti nationaliste français et européen

o Truppenkameradschaft

o Elsass Korps

o Combat furtif-Werwolf

• Army groups :

o Commando Mario Tutti

o Nomad 88 2008

o Ordre et justice nouvelle

o Front de Libération nationale français ~1978

o Comité pour l'ordre moral ~1984

o Commando Delta 1961-1978

o Organisation armée secrète

o Groupe Charles-Martel

o Ligue des combattants français contre l’occupation juive 1979

o Organisation secrète d'action révolutionnaire nationale

o Armée nationale secrète (autre appellation de l'OAS-métro MIII, regroupe des anciens de Jeune Nation)

o Cellule Ordre et Justice ~1980

o Commandos de France ~1981

o Commandos de France contre l'invasion maghrébine ~1986

o Groupe ou Commando Hermann Goëring 1973 et 1977

o Groupe Massada ~1989 (proche du PNFE)

o Groupe Odessa 1979

o Ligue internationale contre le racisme juif fin 70's

o Organisation autonome des néo-nazis d'action 1976

o Parti fasciste d'action révolutionnaire 1978-1980

o Résistance solidariste 1977

o Sections phalangistes de sécurité 1977

o Comité d'action fasciste 1977

o Groupe d'intervention nationaliste

o Brigades françaises révolutionnaires

What kind of organizations do you have? Can these organisms work together, or they act by their own?

We have the National Front, previously quoted, which is an institutional party, which has now become a party of political correctness in the pay of the Zionists. There is the NDP (New People's right) that much closer to our vision. (With a pagan wing) PDF (Party of France) Renewal is a French-Catholic nationalist movement. The French work radically anti Zionist nationalist movement And there are people that Earth is a cultural heathen (the group closest to our ideas) The NDP and the PTO regularly work together. The RF and OF have a good relationship. And all these organizations find themselves at the event on May 9, in memory of Sebastien Deyzieu.

Could you enumerate legendary French bands, nowadays’ bands, and promising young bands?

Early 80’s: Infanterie Sauvage, Komintern sect, Skinkorps, Brutal combat, Chauve Pourris, Snix, Evil skin, Légion 88, Bunker 84,Bagadou stourm.
Early 90’s: 9 ème Panzer symphonie, Fraction Hexagone, Frakass,Elsass Korps, Ironfist, V colonne, Viking, Décadence culture.
Early 2000: Hais&Fiers, Terre de France, Lemovice, Bretonische waffenverband,Choc Frontal, Bordel Boys, Humungus, Wolfsangel, Oïccident

What events (of course National Socialist) do you have in your country?

Apart from the various gigs and rallies in honor of our Veterans (LVF and the SS Division Charlemagne) in the form of memorials or meetings, and the commemoration of Marechal Petain and Joan of Arc, there is no NS real events.

Otherwise many French comrades go to the various events in Europe (April 28 in Italy/VFS Fest/ , Germany August 17 /Hess Memorial March/, October 28 in Italy, Spain November 22, December 9, Sweden ...)

How do you see the future of your country and Europe? What do you think about how important that nations of Europe set aside their old grievances and fight side by side against the common enemy? What should be happened to more and more people realize that there are dangerous problems?

View current policies, it will be very hard to get back on track. We are run by corrupt politicians, Freemasons in the boot of Israel. The only way to change things, it is civil war! When the French will not endure to go to the second plan, to pay for this mass immigration, of being robbed by these corrupt politicians, can decide to take to the streets and do justice, to take their destiny into their hands, and free their country!

It is interesting to note the recent events in Hungary, where the militias were formed to defend the Hungarian citizens, and so left the field far back in the hands of this massive immigration. It can refer to the book by Philippe Gautier "The White Toussaint," which is a novel evoking the dangers of immigration written in 1981 but still relevant Or "The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail" written in 1973 describing the flooding of France, resulting from the inability of government as that of the population to react to this invasion, peaceful but far-reaching consequences for long-standing civilization.

I know that you actively support those comrades who are in trouble like Vincent Reynourd. Could you tell something about him and about the importance of supporting?

It is interesting that you raised the case of Vincent Reynouard Reynouard was militant PNFE (NS openly nationalist movement) and it has a close interest in history and myth in particular, he has written numerous books and pamphlets on the subject, one of the best known being the massacre of Oradour sur Glane, Father of eight children, former professor in mathematics and chemical engineer by training, he was dismissed in 1997 for National Education for keeping a computer in his high school documents denying the Holocaust Sentenced to one year in prison under the Act Gayssot, he was imprisoned in France He was released April 5, 2011. It remains under court supervision, and within the scope of a procedure for forgery, forgery and conspiracy to defraud. Since it is a regular column in the weekly Rivarol. It was normal to actively support (donations, activism, t-shirts ...). But now, after his time in prison Mr Reynouard discovered a passion for the African people! And yes even a traitor!

There was an event in Spain last summer. The organizers planned a concert (with Spanish, French and German bands), and an international conference. Please tell us something about it!

 A weekend was organized by the Nationalist comrades from Spain. Concert with the program, barbecue, conference, sports expo. We had to also participate in the organization When we arrived on Friday late afternoon, we began by installing and then we drink requires, we went around the table time to restore. And the evening went to the bar. On Saturday morning we went to supplies and then started around 10 am the football tournaments, France, Spain, won by our Spanish comrades. And 12.30 while the BBQ prepared comrades and others were in the pool. Here's a speaker Mossos D'Esquadra (Catalan police force specialized in the fight against terrorism). That's a hundred police officers entered private property without a warrant, searched the property, with searches of people and goods and vehicles. The operation lasted 8 hours (search, identity verification, data collection), but they let us leave the organizer arrested To us they took us for about 2000 euros materials All Mossos are bastard!

I heard that face concealment was banned in France. This is a tiny step, but it cannot stop the fast spreading of the Islam. Will there be more measures like this? What is your opinion?

Not really, because unfortunately they attack only the visible part of the iceberg, what are the consequences of a policy immigrations conducted for over 35 years. We must tackle the main problem! Which is what the capitalist system led to an iron hand by the Jews! This is a clear need them first and then the other following problems. And return power to the French strains!

There are quite a few street demonstrations in your country. What is their main subject, and the reason why people support these demonstrations?

It is true that we have little reasons to commemorate in comparison with the Eastern countries such as Hungary or Ukraine or Poland. But I want to stress once again the work of the French Revival pushing to achieve the various events But the French work or the NDP. Unfortunately, the draconian laws reduce or even prevent the realization of events.

Missing anything important you would like to tell?

I would first like to apologize for the delay! Then I thank you for letting us speak and I wish you good luck! Salvation will come from the East! Not yet arrived at a bridge of no return as France! It's now or never! Otherwise you will see them arrive with their caravans, their suitcases, destroy your churches, your buildings, to install their mosques! Do what you must, come what may! Tomorrow belongs to us!

Finally we would like to thank your answers and best wishes for you and your group! What is your message to the Hungarian readers?

To be honest I discovered Hungary and especially Budapest 2 years ago when I first came to the gig Sons of Europe. This is a beautiful city! In addition, we were fortunate to have Hungarian comrades as a guide to show us around the city giving us a maximun of information on the history of Hungary. I knew a little about the Hungarian  scene but after my visit I was more interested in the Hungarian scene.

Personally, I prefer the more oldschool RAC, then hatecore. But I loved Voice of Justice, Vendetta, and especially Archivum. Even if the style I like least, I love the energy released by the band Feher Torveny , they are awesome! In addition you have a scene that goes well but mostly that is renewed, that it continues!

Originally conducted by Hungarian magazine "Ellenallas Hanja"

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