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Hungarian National Front Interview

* The following interview is not one of the typical for the blog. Although we don't agree with everything stated below, it’s one of the most interesting and informative we ever done. Hope it will be a high matter of interest for our readers.

1. Hello to MNA (Hungarian National Front), greetings from Revolt NS blogzine. Please introduce briefly your organization – year of foundation, main activities, etc?

- The Hungarian National Front was established in 1989. In the first place, the Front organized camps and other youth programs, but regularly there were various commemorations and later on fund raising campaigns, and tending of war-graves, etc.. Back then, it was the strongest, and basically the only patriotic youth organization. After more fundamental changes, it has developed into strong organization of military style, and these days it also demonstrates an increasingly stronger and determining political factor.

 Nowadays the soldierly line of national defense and the multilingual informing and preparing work through the Jövőnk.info are the most determining factors. The political-social wing of the movement is also developing, just like the revitalization of the youth line. Besides the camps, trainings and other programs, presentations our specialized activists take part in e.g. in the fight against eviction. (In Hungary due to the abuse of the bank's authority the homes of people are taken away in large numbers.) The development of social dialogue and contacts at home as well as abroad are at full steam. We are also preparing for the imminent change, which will ensue irrespective of us – the question is: how will we stand our ground? If it depends on us, the future is ours!

2. What is the personal profile of the average MNA member – worker, middle class, intellectual or all this kinds put together?

- The membership of our movement covers all layer of society. It is in line with our ideology, which acknowledges all kinds of valuable work, form blue collar trades to white collar professions (also known as intellectual worker according to our terminology) and considers everyone as worker.

3. Tell us about your training camps? How often you organize them? What are the main activities inside such an event Do you think that MNA can be described as a “paramilitary” organization?

- A country wide main camp is organized annually at the central camping ground of the movement, as well as several open camps and regional camps. Beside them, there are the camps of the local groups, and their other trainings, which are usually held weekly or fortnightly.

There are military style preparations in the camps of the task groups, with additional political, historical, ideological, religious lectures and discussions. From time to time the traditional youth camp is also organized, which is also characterized by military discipline, but with less formal programs like horseback riding, archery, and the embracing our traditions.

During our camps and other events, we keep the physical, mental and spiritual development of the participants in view.

According to the liberal terminology we could talk about a paramilitary organization, however we stand for the most natural patriotic point of view and lifestyle, and military life is a vital element of that.

4. What are your views on Hungarism? Please provide us some basic info about this ideology which is almost unknown for the people outside Hungary?

- The MNA is the legal continuity of the Hungarist Movement (which represented the Hungarian national socialism) of the age, because after the movement continued to live in exile, and with the appointment of Győrkös István, it returned to Hungary ultimately. However, we cannot stop at any point of history, for this reason the leadership has expanded the notion of Hungarism, therefore we consider all kinds of act in history as Hungarist manifestation, which gave answers of Hungarian interest to current challenges. Today, we consider Hungarism principally as a life style system, which determines the daily life of our movement's membership. The basic principles of Hungarism are dictated by the Hungarian peculiarities, but it may have message for other nations too. It is an approach respecting the beliefs of others, the peace and collaboration of interdependent people at home and abroad too, militaristic philosophy, and morality-centred lifestyle.

5. After the Trianon “Peace” Treaty, Hungary lost nearly 70% of its territory. Do you think that is possible to take these lands back in the nearest future? Do you cooperate with organizations representing Magyar minority (or better say majority) from these areas in Slovakia, Romania, and Serbia...?

- The Trianon Peace Treaty was due to the machinations of the international freemasonry for the most part. Its goal was not to punish or reward any of the parties, but to perpetuate tensions. The peace treaty was a grievous injustice against Hungary. However, being fully aware of its real goal, the essence of the matter is not what kind of results we can achieve while fighting against each other. The goal and the final solution is the creation of national peace in the Carpathian Basin. The nations of the region are interdependent. Thousand years of history, mutual problems, the challenges of the era unite us all.

We maintain relations in every successor state with our fellow countrymen who were left beyond the border. With individuals, organizations, settlements. We help settlements who are badly off with offerings, our social-political organization delivered a truckload of cargo (school and sport equipments, textbooks, computer equipments, etc.) to Kárpátalja (Sub-Carpathian in Ukraine).We consult the foreign organizations in certain matters, and make inquiries through them. What is more, we have members and even groups of Hungarians beyond the borders.

According to the above, we strive after connections with Hungarians beyond the borders, but also with the patriotic organizations of neighbouring nations (who are enemies according to the Freemason goal). Because our movement is based on moral grounds, it judges others on the basis moral. Therefore the true patriotism is not a dividing factor but rather a connecting link. The discord and the oppositions which set all of us back must be stopped. Last October during the Friendship of Nations program in Komárom – split in half by the border – we expressed this view of ours with a Slovak organization, the Slovenská Pospolitos. The event was also joined by the Serb Nacionalij Stroj.

Our efforts in the interest of national reconciliation are so successful, that there were candidates from the circles of neighbouring brother nations, who joined our ranks. This can be called at least unusual! The management of this situation will be negotiated with the organization that we recognize in the given nation.

We recommend the revision of any deteriorated neighbourly relation for every nation. Even if we have any discord from history, we will have the time in the future to debate them, after we defeated those phenomenons, which are threatening all of us and the whole world (like Zionism, globalism, moral and intellectual decline). This can be done only by joining forces, helping each other, but by no means of hindering.

6. MNA was organizing the Day of Honour March in the late 90's. What events happened in 1999 which lead to the ban of event from the government?

- More and more patriot has attended in every year the Day of Honour evens, from all across Europe. The power of course disapproved this, and it had to prevent this event of honour and order from further growth. By the way, the very same party is in the power right now in Hungary, with patriotic-like political slogans (reflecting the changes over time). Of course, patriotic ideas, our movement, and the Day of Honour are continuously persecuted.

7. How do you celebrate Day of Honour in last few years, some words about the “Breakout excursion”?

- After the last, large event in the Buda Castle our public programs were banned, our movement was basically banned from the capitol. In the following years our groups were commemorating on the countryside, locally at military graves, memorials, in certain cases with the participation of the locals. The holiday due to the ban has become a nation-wide event. In the Buda Castle one of our comrades or delegations has placed the flower of remembrance in every year, and the Breakout Excursion has also been organized by one of our groups. In the meantime the strategy of the movement was shifted after a process of purification, and the quiet development, preparation was emphasized in place of public activity.

We became public again two years ago, with the Jövőnk.info news page and establishing the Egységes Magyarország Mozgalom (Unified Hungary Movement), a social-political wing of our movement. In the next year the Day of Honour was publicly organized again, in the Buda Mountains on a private property. All of the significant organizations of Hungary lined up on the commemoration. In the last year, the organization of the event was impeded by the power on the private property too, therefore the ceremony was held in the mountains, on a forest clearing, at the lights of torches. The remembrance was also joined by Slovak, Serb, Russian and German patriots. The attendance was significant, the performance was especially good on the 50 km long distance, which was challenging, but it was a worthy tribute to our Heroes!

8. Did any of your members took part in the anti government riots in September – October 2006? What are your memories from those days?

- None of our then members took part in the events of 2006. The story of September was a pre-written scenario, it was an early “revolution”. In Hungary, trade protests were being prepared due to the dissatisfaction with the government, which would have questioned the very foundations of democracy. This was counteracted by the power, with the riots, which were provoked by the secret agency. Their goal was to connect the notion of protest to the “extremists” instead of the trade demonstrations and general social discontent, and to set the police against the protesters. In addition to these, one more goal was leaked: they wanted to set a trap for the militant patriots. (Back then, the MNA was the only such organization in Hungary.) However, we saw through the events from the beginning, so we not just stayed away from the events, but we tried to unveil the essence of the problem as far as possible.

9. Hungary has a lot of NS/nationalist organizations like B&H, HSN, NS Front, Hungaria skins, “Skins for Skins” just to mention a few. Do you cooperate with any of them? Do you face problems with some of them and why?

- Around the turn of millennium, the MNA broke with skinheads. Before that, all organizations of this kind belonged to the MNA. They were an undisciplined and uncontrollable, and their company was infiltrated with agents. Later on, while the commemorations of the MNA were sent by the power into exile to the countryside, these companies have organized their own, so called Day of Honour events in the capitol. With the movement became public again two years ago, there was an attempt to contact them before the Day of Honour, but it ended up in a harsh refusal on their part. However, they were unable to organize the counter-event and they failed ignominiously. On the anniversary, one might say, we regularly have a quarrel with them. The outcome of this result is less than unsuccessful for them, but beyond this clash, not really hears about them. With the national awakening of recent years, the have been pushed into the background. As for the individuals, there are some great men among them, but quite a few slobs and untrustworthy individual. We have a superficial-like, occasional relationship with some of them.

10. Your opinion on the Skinhead subculture and the music scene related to it? Do you think gigs are good propaganda tool or just a “fun party” for people already converted to Nationalism?

- As I said, a good ten years ago we utterly broke with those, who were unable to break from the sub-culture. Gig of any kinds did not result in practical outcomes. It might be good to address the youth, but cannot show the way for them any further. A good number of the concert-goers are satisfied with that program, and the duty is confined to that. From time to time our spectators attend an event or two where the concert is part of the program. They hardly see anyone who might be "recruit" at all. We believe that even the events are destroyed by scheduled binge drinking, which are the main events for many of the participants.

Members of the MNA do not attend concerts, gigs. It is not prohibited for our outer rings (EMM, task groups), but they must know, where to put these events in the set of values. If music and entertainment, than we are rather recommending folk music, and the programs, balls of traditionalist groups.

11. As everywhere in Eastern Europe your Fatherland is suffering from the gypsy plague. What is the salvation of the problem for MNA?

- The gypsy question deteriorated to the very last cannot be solved by democratic means. By the way it is only a matter of order. With the cease of the Zionist hegemony the solution of the gypsy question will be a matter of 24 hours.

12. What do you think about religions?

- Without religion you cannot be a human being. The MNA is based on Christian foundations. We regularly have religious seminars and conversations in our camps. But before our exercises, we pray to God for aiding. We are inquisitive about the religious belief in our outer rings, but our members cannot be godless or atheists. We acknowledge every religion based on love, but we refuse hate-based, destructive religions, cults.

13. Your opinion on the Muslim invasion in Europe?

- The matter of Arabic immigration and the Islam has to be separated. Although, in Hungary immigration is a less serious problem, it is all the more severe issue in Europe. (Side note: the colonizing and foreign workforce importing nations had only themselves to thank for it...) However, the immigrating, often criminal, rioting alien mobs cannot be identified with the Islam. By the way, Islamic religion of strong faith is a potential ally in the battle against Zionism.

See the following articles on Jovonk.info: The Islam and the Arab immigration and the fight of the Light against Darkness! - Joint force against Zionism!

14. What is your view on Revisionism (Holocaust)? Do you have anti “Holocaust denial” laws in Hungary?

- Since a law like that was ratified in Hungary too, we are not allowed to have opinion! :) In practice this law has no effect on us. Because we do not deny holocaust, but we are giving proof to complete disinterest in the matter. Nobody cares, otherwise in Hungary the whole society do not give a thing about it. We recommend this attitude for the warriors of light elsewhere too. Denial is impossible due to the tyrannical laws, let us therefore express our disinterest. It is the more annoying for our enemies, nobody is interested in their whine, and they are irrelevant.

15. Let's move forward to political questions... do you think that nationalist party could gain the power someday thru a democratic process of elections? What do you think about nowadays “democracy in general”?

- This could happen in the heroic age of national-socialism. They would not let happen the same mistake. The whole parliamentary democracy is shaped in such a way that a patriot (even in opposition) is only allowed into the circle, if they let him in. Although it is feasible, that a regime deemed to fall wants to preserve its power through infiltrating into a nationalistic party or even helping it to come to power. So if an impressively nationalistic party comes near to power that is suspicious at least. It does happen in exceptional cases, that a not-impressively nationalistic group serves with unexpected surprise and it comes to light when they gain power, that in their deeds they are a lot more patriotic, than the noisy flag-weavers. We believe this is what happened in Russia, which has become the opposition of the Israeli-American Zion-power. But this could give hope to the patriotic movements of various nations, especially in Eastern-Europe.

The existing democracy does not work, and the working one does not exist...

16. Do you face legal problems from the authorities? Have been you been attacked by the local liberal mass media? Do you think that MNA could be banned someday?

We only have troubles with the power, we stand against each other, and we represent the two different ends of the spectrum. With the direct authorities (police) our relationship is not necessarily bad. They are as aware of the things as we are. A leader of a police labour-union is held in captivity by the power, because she stands up for the truth. Of course, the police are in the hand of the power, so the current command and the individual approach decide a situation.

The media have hushed our existence up for years. When they have to address the topic, the aggression is natural, we cannot expect anything else. There are surprisingly correct (but by no means friendly) articles sometimes. There are journalists, who despite their opposite opinions are eager to provide credible information.

MNA is not a registered organization, therefore it cannot really be banned legally. Of course, in a democracy it is not necessarily a problem. But the spirituality cannot be destroyed with bans, so this is the least of our worries. The Front means serious problem and dilemma for the power. If they determine themselves to take action, that would not stop at bans.

17. Is it possible for Hungary to get rid off from the financial slavery, because of the debts to the International Banking system? What should be the best economical program for your country if you have a chance to apply it?

We are convinced that the current regime will soon collapse under the weight of its own sins. If the Hungarians come out victorious from the period following the collapse (the movement prepares for this time), then this question of debt can be cancelled. Like everything else, economy is a matter of morality. And on such a basis many things can achieved in this country. Our economic experts are working on the details. To keep the Hungarian land, water, etc. In the hands of Hungarians, minimizing the import, production, storage, regional agriculture and distribution, suitable foreign trade partners, reasonable organization of Hungarian interest, and what is the most important: work! In our worker's state everybody is working, there is no freeloading or social parasitism.

18. How do you see MNA after 10 years?

- After 10 years, the world represented by the MNA right now, will be the country itself hopefully. Therefore there will be no need for particular organizations fighting for justice – only up to a supervisory level.

19. Blitz questions! What do you think about?

• Szalasi Ferenc and Arrow cross movement's:

- He formulated and embodied the historical Hungarism. He gave appropriate answers for the challenges of the era. May God rest his soul! We must give the appropriate answers to the challenges of our own era.

• Islamic Republic of Iran, their President and the foreign politics of the country:

- The Islamic Republic of Iran gives an example not only for the Arabic region but also for the whole world. One of the brightest torches in the ongoing battle against darkness. Mahmoud Ahmedinejad deserves our highest esteem. It is doubtless, that Iran will be the determining foreign partner of the future Hungarian worker's state.

• Football hooliganism:

- They have taken away everything from the youth, there is no youth life, programs, and there are no communities. It is no surprise that they are seeking the opportunity to belong to some kind of community. However, nowadays the opportunities are given to find communities with real, constructive goals, where we can let off steam either with sport or with work. Instead of beating up each other – as if our enemies are not enough without it.

• sXe way of life

- We do not especially follow the sub-cultures, trends with attention. The philosophy is good, but we hope that the future generations will get to there that they will follow the right lifestyle without fashion trends. By the way, there are not too many followers for the aforementioned trend. According to their indications, they are aware of us, and have a positive view of our work.

Used to the ban of alcohol in our youth camps, events have caused quite a stir. This was also the part of purification and inner construction. By the time a part of the breaking off skinheads have come to a similar conclusion, a regulation of that kind was already redundant in our ranks. Everybody should handle this issue. The problem is not the alcohol, but the person, who cannot use it properly.

20. What do you know about Bulgaria, our history and the links between the proto Bulgarian tribes and the Huns?

- We have no idea about how history is taught in Bulgaria, how the national identity is handled, but it is typical in Hungary, that the official history teaching questions our relationship with the Huns, though in fact we are one and the same people. The life style, culture of the ancients of the Hungarians and the Bulgarians might be quite similar, the two were a kind of related peoples. In our history of the 20 century we have many similarities too – lost wars, detached regions, hostile neighbouring nations, territorial disputes. Above the others, if the changes (that we are seeking) took place, in the future our countries might fall in the same sphere of interest.

21. Thanks a million for the interview!!! Last words are yours. Anything else you would like to tell the readers of our blog?

- The time will come soon, where the individuals, groups, organizations, nations and countries have to take sides, decide where they do belong. Intentionally or unintentionally they take the part of the forces of the evil, or they will take up the cudgels for truth. The enemy is not the nations or races, not the ideologies, but the Satan itself! And the resistance is the warriors of the light, God may help them. The stake: the truth, order and morals win or the lies, chaos and destruction? It depends on us!

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