Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Brief report from French ISD Memorial

The gig took place near by Marseille on the 8th October. Around 150 people attended the gig, not a big number for French standards, but on the same they there were big nationalist demonstration in Lille (video HERE) , organized by “Batskin” and many comrades went there. Gig started around 21.30 h with a couple of acoustic ballads by Brutal Attack, which were on the usual top level with the very passionate singing of Ken and magic fingers of Michel on the guitar.

Ken The Men

First for the electric part of the gig were Italians from Legittima Offesa. They played mostly their own songs, as well as cover of Skrewdriver classic “I don’t like you”. Band was warmly accepted by the fans, after the last year their countryman from Still Burnin’ Youth did an excellent gig in France. It was a good warming up for the crowd for the next band of the eve.

Legittima Ofessa

The RAC legends of Brutal Attack took the stage, this time in their full line up (with two Frenchman’s – members of Frakass), so the rocked the hall with their “evergreens” for more then an hour. It’s not a secret that Ken adores France and he’s always ready to do a gig here, and as you can guess the local supporters loves this amazing band.

Brutal Attack

Last of the schedule for the night were the local RAC heroes of Frakass. The gig ended around 01.30 h. without any troubles and presence by the cops.


Comrades in Unity

Hail Blood and Honour!!!

Exclusive report for NS Revolt by Loic (B&H Hexagone)

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