Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Volksfront OSC Croatia ballad night

21/22 August Croatia

After big preparations and problems we managed to organize first Volksfront event in Croatia. The place of the gig took place near Rijeka deep in woods. On the day of the gig there were some false informations circulating that event will be canceled and police will come but we didnt have any problems with police and event was held successfully.

Event started on friday, when we had small private party with about 20 comrades from Slovenia, Austria and Spain. On saturday evening „real thing“ started first gig in Croatia after 3 years!
Ballad preformer from Austria played covers from Landser, Lunikoff, Skrewdriver, Andre Luders, Radikahl. After his set, one girl from Vienna took guitar and show what she knows, and she sounded very good. The real fun was when guys from Croatia took mic in their hands and start singing, their voices were terrible, but they do it with heart so we forgive them :)

At gig was about 50 people from Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Spain and Croatia.Special thanks to our friends and comrades from Volksfront Spain, Blood&Honour Slovenia, Headhunters Domzale (Slovenia) and our friends from Rijeka (you know who you are).

VF Croatia


Christopher said...

How do i go about joining Email me at DeerSlayer2792@yahoo.com

bathmate said...

very good posting. i liked it. :-)


Anonymous said...

debili najprej slovenski nacijonalizem pol pa use ostalo boli vas kurac kaj dogaja s cefurji in muslici v slo vi sam pijete pa uponasate angleze ,,,,šajbe

oi! said...

you are not NS. fuckin chauvinist!

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