Friday, 11 September 2009

In Review: Fehér Törvény

Name: Fehér Törvény - Szemben a világgal
Label: BHS Service
Style: HC/Metalcore
Tracks: 13 + 1

This cd has been long awaited. Four years after their debut cd, and tons of splits and samplers finally Budapest’s finest HC squad produced a new album. For the last few years band successfully moved from harder RAC to hate core style. To be honest this music is not my “cup of tea” but “Szemben a világgal” is really top class and very well worked album. Music is not the typical boring HC, but has some metal influences, melodic played solos and extremely good drumming. I have only one advice: “Maci "haver", it’s time to start to sing in English so you can reach listeners worldwide”. In addition there is great design of the booklet, including all lyrics and many photos (some of them from their unforgettable gig in Bulgaria) and also a bonus song on track 88. For all interested, you can order this awesome cd from:

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Pilland said...

Your report is very interesting indeed.
Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy!