Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Comuniratia 2015

On Saturday, 13th June, near Cerveteri/Italy was held the last edition of "COMUNITARIA" (La Festa delle Comunità). Organized from different political realities present in Roma area and neighborhood the event was held in the best way was possibile. A lot of participans from different networks, enjoy the fair, with comradeship, laughters and exchanging CDs books, t shirts and all the products the create or just sell in their communities. A lot of stands were organized selling also food and goods from our land. 

During the fair there was also an exposure about imagines of Italian soldiers during the first world war and also a theatrical exhibition with the guys of "FORO 753". The "menù" for dinner was composed of "pasta amatriciana" and pork and after this the gig has begun.

 Finally the most cheerful part of the event, music with: Tributo a junker TESTUDO, Imperium and Topi Neri. As always beer, songs and chants have closed the fair. So, really a very beautiful day to spend with your comrades and to know new ones, we wait for you next year!

Exclusive report by S.P.Q.R. Skins Rome

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