Monday, 15 June 2015

"Day of Glory" in France

Exclusive report by K.

We departed on Friday, as its a long drive to Lyon from Flanders. Its about 876 km's to go and 890 km's back, all this by car and a time frame as we need to be back home on Sunday evening. The weather was truly special this weekend, it was very hot during the day (35°+) and we've seen Thor hammering the skies like he was in a frenzy in the evening. Looked like he was just as exited as us to see the MMA! The scenery along the way was amazing, those beautiful fields, authentic towns, it always fills me with hope for the future. When we finally made it to the scene it was the perfect location! A big sports hall for the MMA fights, professional ring in the center, lots a chairs, a great overview. You couldn't miss a thing! Next to the hall was a smaller but just as perfect location for the gig to go down. There were a couple of stands to buy cd's, t-shirts and other usual stuff.

The MMA part of the event:

The organisation(s) who worked together on putting up this event got on to the stage to have a small speech. They reminded us that whole idea is not about nations against nations. Its not about being better then one another. Its not about winning or losing, Its about strength, brotherhood, discipline!!! The event was set up by 28 Hexagone and Pride France, in cooperation with White Rex and Pro Patria which delivered” most of the combatants who participated in the event.

I've seen some amazing fights go by, the atmosphere truly changes when you see the fighters enter the ring, those couple of seconds before the bell go's off and everything breaks lose.
I've seen knock-outs, I've seen some major damage, I've seen amazing dodging! To say the least, I've seen the future. Every victory was hard to earn, but in my opinion I've only seen winners enter and leave that ring. After every fight, no matter how brutal it was, the combatants came together, not with a single handshake, but with an honest, respectful hug, which show Brotherhood at its very best!!!

Unfortunately for us, as we sign on in the list our fighter at the very end, there was no competitors left, so no Flemish fighters were presented in the ring.
This did give us the opportunity to fully enjoy the entire spectacle, make contacts with old and new comrades.

When the fights ended, we prepared for the the second part of the event, which started with a brief speech delivered by the organizers. They thanked everyone for coming down to Lyon, supporting the fighters, supporting the scene, ... but at last, but not the least, they reminded us not to drink to much! Discipline!

This is only my second time I see Gesta Bellica, but as soon as they sound check started and they played 'Free my land' by Skrewdriver i was already exited. (I'm afraid i don't know any of there songs, as they sing in Italian, so I'm limited to say that there playlist existed of a few other covers from Skrewdriver 'Hail the new dawn' and 'The voice of Britain'). They got everyone all wired up from the start until the end!

 Then it was time for the big act by Legitime Violence, they have the advantage of singing in French, since most of the people there are French it blew the roof. Everyone, and I mean everyone (French speaking or not) was singing along! (Though, again, sorry to say I don't know there songs. But they played covers like 'Smash the Reds' & 'Skinhead Superstar')

I'm very bad at guessing so couldn't say how many people were there. But i suppose it would be something between 250 - 350. Lot's of girls too!

 Personally, I would like to thank my brothers from 28 Hexagone and everyone involved in organizing this event. Thanks everyone for traveling down and giving us all a weekend to remember. Hope to see you next year, in the ring! Order and Discipline!

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