Friday, 17 July 2015

11th of July - Celebrating the fighting spirit of Flanders

*Exclusive report by 28 Flanders

The world has seen many wars, Flanders fields are drenched in blood, plenty of battles have been fought here, countless victories! But no matter how you turn it, plenty of Flemish people bled here to secure there existence, preserve their culture, save there country from occupation and have an independent land witch they can call their own. The whole reason to remember this day goes’s back to a time when 'horses and steel' ruled the earth. Mounted knights, the strongest forces at the time thought to be invincible on the battlefield.

     On the 11th of July 1302 in a battle against the French, Flemish farmers, foot soldiers, barely armed had to stand against this fearful power. But the Flemish fighting spirit prevailed and the French were defeated. This battle is known as; Battle of the Golden Spurs. This was because they found over 500 golden spurs when the battle ended. Many stories have been written about this day, how this is the start of Flemish awareness, the start of Flemish nationalism we know today.
Flanders today, like every other white country is under attack, forced immigration, forced cultural and ethnic assimilation; the genocide of our race by replacing us in numbers. Forced down by our own politicians, traitors to our race, puppets on a string, they try to change our ways and views on this remarkable day. We all have experienced situations when they tried to change our symbols, cultural heritage, your traditions, most likely because of 'racism'. They try to take away our identity, so there is no more 'us or them', no more 'black or white', only grey, slaves only to serve as good gentiles. Our Flemish Lion is the symbol of the Flemish community, the golden (yellow) background with a black lion is the proud symbol of our people. Only this is apparently to threatening for all these 'newcomers', and so they wish to change our Lion, to make it multicultural acceptable.

         This year, for the first time, they had a 'Flemigrant' celebration (notice the combination between Flemish and immigrant), a multicultural event to celebrate a day for everyone who 'feels' Flemish. I don’t think I need to explain this any further. At the same time, a politician (from the so called nationalist party - in fact just neo-liberals) said that this day should not be a 'white' celebration. Now for some this day is about bashing the south of Belgium, the French speaking Wallonians, for some it’s an excuse to pretend all high and mighty in the media. For us however, it’s about standing our ground, being proud. I am happy to say, sadly for that politician, as we did have a 100% white, 100% proud celebration.

        A gathering of (100% white) comrades, to celebrate our Flemish fighting spirit, to remember the battles of our ancestors, to honour those who gave there lives so we could be here today! We had a small and very personal event, gathering only those that truly fight for the same values as ours. We do prefer small events like these, as it brings forth more opportunities to get to know one another. We hosted a barbecue witch is almost becoming a tradition on this day and we invited Stevie from England to play ballads. It was a lovely day, the weather was simply beautiful. The crew fixed up some shelter from the sun, hooked up the PA so we could enjoy everything in a nice surrounding.

      At 16.00 our guests arrived, among them are some of the finest people I've ever had the chance to meet. We've invited a few people from Holland, a couple from England, a German friend, and of course a lot of Flemish brothers & sisters (If they are reading this; Thank you again for making this day a success)! Your support matters, your attendance is a virtue for us, a strong brotherhood is what we strife for and is what we carried home that day. Thank you, brothers!).

At 19.00 everyone finished the barbecue, and Stevie prepared himself to play some of the greatest ballads we all know. Stevie made my skin crawl when he played 'Ode to a dying people' by RaHoWa! He played tons of covers from Skrewdriver, like 'Skrew you', 'Boots and braces', 'Built up knocked down', 'Voice of Britain' (witch he altered to 'Voice of Flanders'), 'Hail Victory', 'Diamonds in the dust' (witch he played referring to the organization), 'Free my land' (my all time favorite!) and many more! He's talents to play acoustic are amazing, and we thank him for all the kind words and gestures that were said and done during he's performance. Flanders is proud and thankful!

         Afterwards we moved inside to keep the volume to an acceptable level for the surroundings, it was a real social gathering as many people talked trough the early hours in the morning. At 4 a.m. we called it an end, happy and tired we went home to get some hard earned and much needed sleep.
I'd like to thank the “Bulgarian Savage” for all his support, and much needed help in connections to set this up, thank my crew for all the hard word and dedication, thank Stevie for the wonderful performance, thank Rob for all the confidence in us, thanks everyone for showing your support (even if you couldn’t make it!) we are very grateful and you will surely hear or see us again! Hail Blood & Honour, Hail Flanders and Hail You! "

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