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W.A.U. Argentina Interview

We send our gentleman regards to the ladies of WAU Argentina. Please provide us with some information about the organization you represent, it’s history and main goals as well as the activities of your branch.

Thank you very much for your interest in our organization! Women for Aryan Unity has been active for almost 22 years now, it has divisions in countries such as Australia, Argentina, Portugal, Finland, United States... Our main goal is to raise awareness among White women and promote the traditions of our folk. Every chapter has autonomy to come up with the activities they consider more suitable; in our specific case, we organize periodic meetings to address topics of interest, we glue flyers in the streets and do other forms of street art :P, we support imprisoner comrades…these are just some of our activities. We are always on the look for new activities and strategies to attract people to the movement and we are always open to cooperate with other serious organizations, either local or foreign.

How did you have involved into the White Nationalists movement, which is (almost) totally dominated by males? I guess most of the readers will suggest you had boyfriends from skinhead circles…is this true?

I was first introduced to the WN/NS movement by a person I met quite by chance back in 1999 (not a boyfriend haha); he lent me some books and music and I got interested in the subject. Almost immediately I joined a patriotic party for about 2 years, then I started hanging out with NS skinheads and, finally, I joined WAU in 2006, after the 6-month probate period all prospects must undergo. We have been working non-stop since then! However, I can assure you that all the girls currently in WAU did not get involved because of boyfriends, we all joined the movement because of our beliefs. Naturally, it’s nice to have a boyfriend or husband who shares our beliefs, but we don’t need to be dating an NS man or skinhead to do our part for the Cause ;)

What is your view on the White woman of today? Do you see her as a housewife, who takes care about home, child rising and cooking or as emancipate “working girl” which has equal rights and obligations with the men?

We support the traditional role of women as the heart of the family, of course we realize that nowadays women also work, but we firmly believe that a woman’s role is fulfilled by having children and raising them in accordance with our values and traditions. Indeed, it is true that emancipation of women poses a threat for our future, since some women seem to be more interested in pursuing a career than in having a family. In our opinion, having a family should be every White woman’s priority.

Apart from the slogan we all know by heart, what the “14 words” means for you in real life?

For us, the 14 words is a way of life, it is a day-to-day task that we take very seriously, not just like a hobby. The 14 words are much more than just a nice slogan for a tattoo, they are something we must have in mind every single day! WAU has an online publication, Homefront, dedicated to the racially conscious home, a must read not only for the ladies, but for men too! ;) This online publication features tips for raising our kids the correct way and other articles of interest! Make sure to check it out at www.wau14.com!

Your opinion about abortion, which is a sensible topic for every White woman?

Abortion of healthy babies is a crime that endangers our future, we strongly oppose abortion and women who abort should be held liable for it. If you don’t want to have your baby, let it be born and give it up for adoption, but don’t murder him! There are always options! However, I personally don’t oppose abortion in special cases, such as when the baby has no chance to survive or will not have a good life quality, or when the mother’s health is at risk. In all other cases, abortion is murder!

Tell us more about the nationalist scene in Argentina. How many active NS organizations you have there? I know about Legione Negra and Blood& Honour, but for sure you can tell me more.

The Argentine nationalist movement is at the moment a bit stuck and paralized. It’s difficult to tell how many active organizations there are…Blood & Honour and its youth section, Legión Negra, split up some years ago. At the moment we lack a good, stable organization to gather NS/WN activists…we are in need of a leader with a good and realistic plan and also people really committed to the Cause, not only supporters, but activists!

Follow-up of the previous question, tell us about the NS/ WP music scene in your country, which is almost unknown in Europe. I know bands such as Nuremberg, Ultrasur and Muerte y Calaveras … and if I’m not wrong all of them are highly influenced by the Spanish RAC bands?

As a result of the general inactivity, the WP music scene is pretty stagnant as well. As far as I know, Muerte & Calaveras and Borcegasso are the only active bands at the moment, I have no idea if Ultrasur and Nuremberg continue playing as we don’t have contact with them. I do know that there are some projects for bands, but so far nothing concrete. I guess we will have to wait a bit longer!
I think that because of the common language, Spanish RAC bands have been a great influence on Argentine ones, but local bands often mention old-school British bands and American bands as influences too.

One of your members plays bass for  a band named Battaglione. Do you have an idea to start a very own WAU band?

Yes, she used to play in Battaglione, but not anymore. Indeed, the idea crossed our minds since most of the WAU Argentina girls are into music, but at the moment it is not a priority. Right now we prefer to focus on more “social” activities like meetings, conferences and so on. But who knows? Maybe in the future it will happen!

What story stands behind the "Malvinas Argentinas" name?

The story is quite simple…as Argentine women, and despite the fact that, for us, race is above nationality, we support our country’s claim to the Malvinas islands. However, we do believe that all the media show our government has set up these last months about this topic is merely to divert the public’s attention from more important matters like corruption, inflation and criminality. We do not trust this leftist administration at all!

Do you face problems with state oppression or left wing violence in Argentina? Do you have POW’s in your country?

As a matter of fact, the reds and antifas in Argentina are not so active and aggressive as in Europe. Ok, of course, there are clashes between WN and reds from time to time, but as it also happens in other parts of the world, most are “cyber” clashes...I guess it’s because the WN/NS movement here is not so strong as in European countries…No, we don’t have Argentine POWs, but that does not mean that they are not after us! Last year an NS group was investigated and its members prosecuted…indeed, there is persecution against NS in Argentina.

Blitz Questions…what you think about:

-         Prostitution: the best way to spread STDs. I guess it is a supply-demand thing…so White men and women, find yourselves a partner and stick to him/her!
-         Drugs: Drugs are not for us! We need strong, healthy individuals and not weak-minded,  low-life junkies with no self respect.
-         Feminism and Lesbians: We despise feminists! We believe that women should work together with men side by side, complement one another and not engage in some pointless “gender” war. And Lesbianism is a deviation from the laws of Nature, and as such, we do not accept it.
-         Race mixing: Race mixing is genocide of our people! Every race has the right to fight for their preservation, heritage and future and this is what we stand for.
-         Saga and other female singers: It is good to see women in the WN music movement. There are some girls with good voices out there! I personally like Vinterdis and Annett J
-         Football and Argentina finest – Lionel Messi: I like football! We used to have a strong national team…not anymore! Messi is a good player and seems to be a decent person, I’m just sorry that he hasn’t shown his potential when playing for the Argentine national team!

At last but not the least, a typical female question…can you give us a recipe for your favorite domestic meal :) If its too complicated just tell us a bit for the local kitchen…is it to chilly?

You will be shocked to know that I’m a terrible cook! But I’m trying to learn really hard! No, it is not so chilly as people may think. If you ever come to Argentina, you should definitely try Argentine-style asado (barbacue), I can promise you won’t be disappointed. They say Argentine culinary tradition is very interesting ;)

Thanks a million for your answer ladies! Your final words…any message to our readers? 

Thank you very much for the interview! I would like to encourage all proud White women to get involved! Support WN/NS organizations, go to rallies, gigs, conferences...the future depends on you! 14 words!

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Hardline said...

"why the neo-nazi movement is dominated by males" that's can be observed in every political movement (atheist convention, anarchists, hardline lefties, neo-nazis etc) so don't make issue from non issue. And don't treat women as so special

Almost every woman in a political movement (especially hardline) is there because her boyfriend is part from it.

If you want to see more women in your group, find for yourself a girl and slowly educate her about NeoNazism. That's it