Tuesday, 29 May 2012

European Skinhead party in Germany

Hello everyone! I really wonder how to start this report after 4 days of almost no sleeping, too many things happened in too less time, but I’ll do my very best to write down all the important details around this event.

So I guess it’s all started when I saw the gig flayer in Internet, with Endstufe, Legitima Ofesa and Les Vilains on it and I said to myself – “this will be a great gig”. Few weeks later two more bands (Faustrecht and Brassic) were added, so I made my decision to go. I was also very lucky to have a local hosts recommended by an Australian comrade, so everything seems to be as a perfect holiday for me (like it was). Unfortunately there was another big gig on the very same day in Hungary, but I have already made my choice where to go.

My journey started on the very early morning of Friday with a two hours flight from Sofia to Dortmund, after which I took a train to central Germany’s city of B. where my hosts was waiting for me. We walked around the city for about an hour sightseeing old buildings, castles and enormous churches which are very typical for Germany – a country full of history and spirit. After having a tasty dinner we headed to Nienhagen, located about 80 km. away from us, to meet with comrades and to fix the details about the gig organization on the next day. The gig venue appeared to be a tall building with a large yard area around. The concert was announced as an “open air” event and all the 1200 tickets were sold out. I had some beers and laughs with comrades trying not to get too drunk (without success J ) to be in god condition for the next day.

On the next day after just a few hours of sleeping we went back to Nienhagen around 12 a.m., where the preparation for the concert has already begun. A stage with professional audio equipment was erected, tons of beer, food and merchandise was put in their places waiting for the massive attack of gig attenders.  The gate was open at 17.00, and the gig started about an hour later. I was glad to help the org’s dealing with the visitors from abroad, which should have their already prepaid tickets from me.

The first band for the night was Brassic a patriotic Oi! band from Orange County/USA. The band is active since 2008 and they already made their debut album in 2010 called “Voice of Freedom”. They played mostly their own stuff, from which I really liked “Fight to win” plus two covers of Skrewdriver – “Boots and Braces” and “I don’t like you”. They got a nice acceptation from the crowd, despite the fact they confessed they are just a bunch of ugly Americans, who are too fat to play Oi! (hahaha).

Right after them was time for Belgium finest Les Vilains. According not only by my opinion they are one of the best Oi! bands for the last decade. They played a set with only own songs mainly from the last two length albums such as  “Nous Serons Toujours La”, “Jet set skinhead”, Mongoi - Oi”, “Dieter & Oliver”. Their set was short because of the usual freedom of speech suspensions by the German “democratic” authorities. Unfortunately this was one of the last gigs of the band, because they decided to call out a day by the end of this year due to various reasons. I was really glad that I had the chance to see them live finally.

Third on stage appeared Fautrecht, a band who needs no special introduction. Band is active for more then 15 years, always being true to they roots in music and to the idea of Social Revolution in Europe of Nations as a message. Their set was consists by their very best songs from the last decade like: “Die Macht Des Kapitals”, “Der Aufstand / Revuelta / Rivolta”, “Forver Young” and “Where have all the Bootboys has gone”. For my regret they didn’t played most of their songs in English, but I guess it was because the vast majority of the gig visitors were German or from German speaking nations.

Fourth on the schedule were the Italians from Legittima Offesa, from which set I could hear only the few last songs because I spend some time talking to friends from Austria and Germany which I was in touch on i-net. From what I saw they have a lot of fans on German basis which love to see them live. Last songs of their performance were cover of “You’ll never walk alone” and “Running Riot” by Cock Sparrer. The guys from the band were furious on stage plating with heart and soul, showing themselves as real professional musicians.

So after all these great bands around midnight were finally time for the last band for the evening – the Legends from Endstufe!!! Their 31 years of existence makes then the long running German skinband ever. The area in front of the stage turned into a large pogo battle field and the security has a lot of work to do with some of the ultra aggressive “dancers”  J The crowd sing-a-long every word from the “evergreens” which was played such as: “Glatzenparty”, “Eine Rose für Dich”, “Renee”, “Working Class”, “In Die Eier” and “Küsst meine Boots” just to mention a few. Their set lasted for about 2 hours with a few encores in the final.  It was a second to none performance which was the perfect and end for the perfect night we all had.

There was a small private after party after the gig where we shared our impressions of the gig with skinheads from near and afar. I had the chance to speak for a while with Suck from Les Vilains, who appeared to be a very calm and nice person and also with the guys from Brassic I had a few beers with. The part ended early in the morning and I was very tired, but also very pleased from the whole event.

To sum it up, it was one of the best gigs ( if not the best) I’ve ever visited, with the top of the bands from the skinhead scene both old and new. Gig was attended by 1200 plus people mainly from Germany, but also from USA, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, France, England, Czech Rep. and me from Bulgaria.

 I would like to thank first and foremost my lovely German hosts Massimo and Joanna for their great hospitality and the wonderful time we had together. To the organizers from “Honour & Pride” for the perfect organization and hard work of the 30 plus people of the crew, who did they job in the best possible way. Respects and greetings also to Peter Hebel and Oli, without them the event could not be possible.  At last but not the least my final message is: Germany – I WILL BE BACK SOON!!!

Exclusive report by the Editor

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"Gig was attended by 1200 plus people mainly from Germany, but also from USA, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, France, England, Czech Rep. and me from Bulgaria."

And me frm Moscow :)
Fantastic night it was!