Thursday, 31 May 2012

Blood&Honour banned in Russia

Supreme Court of Russia declared extremist - the international neo-Nazi organization “Blood and Honour” and banned its activity in Russia, reported official representative of Attorney General's Office Marina Gridneva.

As it was determined, the ideology of the organization is racial hatred, nationalism, religious and social intolerance, anti-Semitism, hostility to Caucasian, Asian and African nations, and intention for violence, murder and destruction of property of these people.

According to Gridneva, leaders and members of the organization pursue an aim to change constitutional system of Russian Federation.

Some active members of this organization have been already prosecuted for committing serious and high extremist crimes and terrorism.

The act that recognized the organization as extremist enlarges opportunities of police to prosecute not only active members of the organization but also its abettors, ideologists, who favour the activity of the organization.

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