Thursday, 4 August 2011

Report from "Bonded by Blood" gig

I was waiting this date since long time! First reason because it was for me the pleasure to have a meeting with my Brothers and Sisters from France, Germany, UK, Poland, Russia, Italy, Czech Republic, etc... Second reason, because I was invited with my guitar on stage with my comrades from Frakass to play a song with them (thus all the week before I was training myself listening the song in loop mode morning, noon and evening until becoming crazy!) And last reason -but not least- because it was for me the first opportunity to see on stage my favorite RAC band: BFG!

The gigs took place at the French-German border and the organization done by Hammerskins Nation was very serious. About 3 000 (yes, three thousand!!!) people was there, and all newspapers the day after could only mention that nothing bad happens, town citizens haven't been disturbed and the place was cleaned up over all!

Let's move to the music, first band to play was Jungsturm. I saw them about one year before without bassist, and at this time the music itself was missing of power (due to the lack of bass)! But now it was totally different! Their line up was full and with the benefit of an amazing sound engineering (all bands was in the same conditions - it took presage the best for the rest of the gig!) they could explained all their intentions and their show was just perfect plunging us in the atmosphere of their very good last album "Bis Der Schatten Ist Verbannt"!

Then after then on stage came Frakass - for a very good show. A large quantity of German people didn't knew Frakass very well until this day and I think that they had a very good impression of them! The majority of songs was from their wonderful EP "Bouclier Contre Boucliers, Lances Contres Lances" or their split EP with White Master (PL) "European Storm". For the last song of their show I was invited to play on 'Ultime Délivrance'. It was a great moment for me, excepting a small problem with my guitar connector quickly solved with the help of Michel, I started to play a little bit afraid at the beginning! But when I saw my comrades at the first line in the front of the stage, I found the good rhythm and entered into the song to play the lead guitar as wall as possible, moving in this very large stage and with a very good connection with Michel, Alex and the others!

Next were the English veteran Brutal Attack which invaded the scene inflated of an energy to all events. First of all, Ken more 'frontman' as ever, fills the stage and comes to galvanize around the hall, moving, jumping and forcing the audience singing as much as possible!

For those who have never seen the band, the 'set stage' of the singer, to my knowledge, was second to none, and that night, it is prooven again!

The band has more than 30 years on stage and not a wrinkle! Better still, it was certainly never as good! In any case it is the best performance I attended of these giants of English RAC! Their playlist contained all their best songs: 'Rock Against Communism', 'Under the hammer', 'Take a better look' and a must 'Always near' in memory of Ian Stuart, and a SREWDRIVER cover song: 'Free my land'. That evening the band was in communion with his audience that, although most Germans, has continued to relay the voice of Ken as an echo! It was great Rock and roll performance!

At this point it the hall was desert-hot, and the German band Division Germania would go on stage to deliver their very first live show. So a lot of questions arose: the singer-guitarist Andy, making several albums on several instruments, who would be the musicians? Above all, the band would be on live up to their albums? The answers were not long in reaching as many of Jungsturm musicians were again on stage and Andy on the vocals. And about the music would should I say?

We had the opportunity to see a wonderful Teutonic show despite a problem with the sound that made little lack of audibility of lead guitar, which was very unfortunate because the guitarist who held the post has sweated blood and water to ensure his best ! The delivery was fairly faithful to the CD and the songs was too severe and thundering that on the albums! All the classics of the band have been performed: 'MANIFEST', 'KONIGES EUROPA', 'JUNGEND IN BEWEGUNG', 'NAZI HORROR SHOW' and a cover song of Landser “Rebulic Der Strolche'! As the places consisted of majority of German, they literally exploded: the audience shouted as a single voice and pogo, confined so far, about at least ten meters were doubled in size and occupied the entire width of the room : the crowd was mad, for several minutes we were in the other side of Rhine river! The fervour of the German public has shown us what a strong  band support means!

I just had time to finish my beer and some discuss with comrades outside, on a small inner courtyard where everybody had a little bit fresh air between 2 bands that Bound For Glory came on stage. It was difficult to hit the front of the hall so many people was there! Then after a short adjustment, they start with 'Hate Train Rolling'! The sound was great, a perfect balance, everybody was full of energy, Wayne at the left in the front of me, Ed at the right, already moving and transpiring during the long and powerful instrumental first part of this legendary song, then Joel started to sing with his so specific voice: "we roll into the 21st century, trudging over the bones of the weak...". It was the beginning of a furious show! No rest afterward with 'Plunder and Pillage'! Long hairs metal fans among skinheads was also singing! This is the NS unity! Don't care of your outlook, but united by our values... and this night: our music! Then the war machine was destroying everything, song after song, 'Valhalla’s Calling', 'Onward to Victory', 'Damned', 'Welcome', 'Worst Nightmare', Ed made a guitar demonstration for all guitarists who was there, solos was fast and precise, scales was fluent, it was a pleasure to see him playing!

 Song after song, energy was ever growing up, without failing. Then more song arrives: 'Stuka Pilot', 'Freddies Dead', 'Behold the Iron Cross'... then an unexpected event happens, like a sign of the extraordinary power necessary for the BFG machine, overcurrent from sound material made a short circuit and suddenly all power amps shut down! It was incredible! But even if their last song was not totally finished, everybody understood the situation and was very happy to see one of their favourite band doing their best until the limit and over!

Exclusive report for NS Revolt blog by Régis Kampfbund

Photos by Nordic Diffusion web site

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I've been there aswell. can I got a dvd from this gig somewhere? if yes please contact