Thursday, 4 August 2011

In Review: Bound For Glory

Name: "Feed the machine"
 Label: PC records
Style: Metal/core/
Tracks: 12

Who would have thought that Bound For Glory would ever record a new album? Their last ones "Hate train rolling" and "Last act of defiance" date back to 1999 already. What we get is a pure metal sounding Bound For Glory, much like on "Hate train rolling", and while I am not a fan of metal at all, I was very impressed by this album: the sound and production quality is second to none and so is the song writing. This is Bound For Glory at their best, and it easily compares to any mainstream metal band out there. Joel's typical vocals and vocal style are still prevalent as are Ed's riffs. The album features lots of catchy tracks, the new BfG anthem "We are!" and the excellent ballad "The beast". The lyrics are very personal, not very political at all and far away from all cliches. Like a good old wine, Bound For Glory has gotten better over the years!

Reviewed by Pure impact recs.


Anonymous said...

AA me sinceramente non sono piaciuti. E' trash vecchio stampo con poche melodie e riff nemmeno troppo convincenti, molto meno pesanti degli slayer poco più metal di un gruppo punk alternative dei tempi andati.
Recensione di: inquietudinedikobal

Anonymous said...

awsome album! BFG the original Cog in the war machine!!!