Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mayday in Bulgaria

 On 1st May in Sofia was held a demonstration organized by "National Resistance Bulgaria" under the motto "Work for millions, not millions for the Government."

As many times before patriots have declared that Mayday is NOT an occasion for celebration, but a reason for protest against the anti-Bulgarian policy led by another anti-Bulgarian government. Protest against the miserable working conditions, protest against the collapse of the Bulgarian industry, protest against the high levels of unemployment in our beloved Fatherland!

Demo was attended by around 150 nationalist, from different regions of the country. Chants like “Free, social and National”, “Prosecution for the communist scum, Bulgaria is leading the way to Nationalism” and “Bulgaria – wake up” strike on the downtown streets of the capital.

The demonstration ended in front of the building of National Library with few short speeches.

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