Monday, 23 May 2011

France wakes up!

Hello again from France! Here May started very well for the movement. On 8th May in Paris was held a rally organized by Serge Ayoub and his crew. The moto of the demonstration was "France is back" and it was against the capitalism and the Zionism.

It was attended by around 3000 people from different French organizations.There were few speeches and the first was made from the leader of RF (Renouveau Francais), after him was Pier Vial the President of TP (Terre et Peuple), after him was Robert Spiler - the chief of NDP (Nouvelle Droite Populauire), Eduard Klain the lieder of GUD (Groupe Union Defence) and the last one was Serge Ayoub. All the speeches were against the New World Order and the system.

The demo started from Avenue "Place Madulenne" and continue around one hour. There were people from France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium (and one Irish man :) .It was nice to see many families and mothers with children there, it seems the French people start to open their eyes.

The antifaschist made small counter demonstration, around 200 people and the most of them was illegal black immigrants.

The next week, on 14th May we went to Bordeaux to visit a Conference where we had the chance to speak about the problems in the movement and the system. The Conference was attened by around 50 people. After that we went to downtown for small demonstration in honour of Jeanne d`Arc.The parade start around 20:30h and finished around 22:30h in the statue of Jeanne d`Ark where the leader of RF(section Bordeaux) make speech about her life,sacrificial and the sick system.

Of course antifaschist try to stop our demonstration with fireworks, but the police beat them up and arrest them very fast (hahaha). Was funny for me to see this, because usually is us who got arrested. This antifashist made me to think, what kind of wanker you must be, when you try to stop demonstration for the biggest French hero! Anyway,they show us again what noicy little fuckers are they. Its important to mention,that in Bordeaux (the second red city in France),there wasn’t any nationalist demonstration for the last seven years! I just want to say to our to Antifa Bordeaux is: Watch your back,we are back!

At the same day there was a big demonstration in Lyon, against the Muslims organized by Jeuness Identitaire. It was visited of around 600 comrades and 1000 red scum.There were a lot of fights with the antifa,and no matter we were outnumbered,again they was with smashed faces (bad day for them :)).The day was bad and for one muslim restaurant,which was totaly broken by the comrades:). Seven antifa are in hospital and of course, noone from our side. Unfoutrunatly two comrades were arested and they gonna stay 3 monts behind the bars.

It seems the French people want to take their country back, getting stronger and united day by day. We wish them to keep fighting, nothing is lost yet.

NS Revolt reporter from France - “S. Blanche”.


Anonymous said...

Looks very nice! Keep up fighting, regards from Finland!

Anonymous said...

I wish people in America would start a revolt / revolution. We REALLY need change as well. Good luck to you and best regards, from Los Angeles, California

Anonymous said...

This guy is a non-white. Is this French Nationalism or White Nationalism? Wake up Whitemen!