Wednesday, 27 April 2011


 Today we have received an e-mail from Russian Nationalist web site with the following information:

Attention! Leader of B&H/C18 Russia (Moscow) Sergey Golubev (nickname - OPER, on the photo) is informer of the police. Leader of Combat 18 Russia testified against 2 Russian POWs -  Nikita Tikhonov and Evgeniya Khasis, who are charged with murder of a Jewish antifashist lawyer Markelov in January 2009.

Sergey Golubev

Due to his evidence POWs are going to be sentenced to maximum time in prison. Leader of C18 Russia came to police voluntarily and gave evidence against nationalists and repeated it in court. He is voluntary informer. Sergey Golubev - is a member of POW center. During 2 years he stolen money collected for POWs. Leader of C18 Russia is a member of the band TNF (vocalist). In April 2010 from B&H/C18 Russia announced that Combat 18 Russia doesn’t exist, fearing the repressions of the police. But in fact 318 Russia continues to exist, but they didn’t help movement. Leader of 318 Sergey gave evidence in the court and released audio-announcement where he accused POW of collaboration with the police and so justified his shameful deed.


Freikorp said...

That guy wasn't in B&H/C18 long time ago. Get your facts right.

Anonymous said...

yea he was head of c18 moscow but left 3 years ago.Why have you not mentioned the main prosecution witnesses who gave the most dammaging evidence against the 2 accused? why have you only mentioned a person with past links to c18? why not mention the leader of Ruski Obraz who grassed the 2 defendants and without a doubt led to their conviction? and also grassed this Sergy up first.Its typical Blood and Dishonour tactics of trying to smear c18 its pathetic.

Revenge said...

For both above writing - the source of the information is quoted well enough before the main publication! You can refer your questions to them/their representatives.

Anonymous said...

Why? you published it ,with a clear agenda to smear c18.

Anonymous said...

The info is published because it'is true, confirmed by various people involved in Russian Nationalist scene for years!No matter the moaning C18 supporters like it not its a FACT!!! Also if you dont like the contents of this blog, simply don't visist it. All you further provocative and claiming comments will be removed. I have no time for Internet wars with anoymous teenagers. Revolt NS