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Nicky Richards Interview

Hello Nick!!! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview! How and when you got involved in British skinhead scene?

I first became a skinhead in September 1980 - 31 years now, a very long time.

What was the spirit of those times with no stuff of today like cell-phones, internet, mp3?

In those times 80s early 90s everything was done by word of mouth or telephone or you joined the National Front or the British Movement and you got sent a newsletter or went to the pub there were lots of skinhead pubs in those days in London that’s why reds used to go to skinhead pubs and try and find out about the gigs.

What it was like to be a rebellious teenager in the 80’s?

In the 1980s was better than it is now teenagers don’t rebel no more like we did or question things like we did they just smoke dope and listen to nigger music now and don’t rebel against the system their idea to rebel is to smoke dope and worship nigger rap stars they have no pride in their race or culture. In the 1980s we were angrier as there were no jobs for the young, no money, all the niggers and pakis were getting everything every time they rioted and white kids got nothing punk and Oi! was our only voice. Life was much easier then.

How and when did you first meet Ian Stuart?

I first met Ian Stuart at the “Last resort” skinhead shop in October 1982 as there used to be a pic of him in the shop the first thing I spoke to him about was the “Sex pistols” and punk he asked me to come to Skrewdriver’s first comeback gig that night at the “100 Club” which you can get on DVD so I went with Ian Stuart to the “100 Club” I got in for free as a guest it was a comradeship that lasted till his death.

From 1984 to 1987 a yearly Open Air festivals in Suffolk were held. What are your striking memories from those gigs? The venue of the gig was owned by relatives of BNP’s leader Nick Griffin if I’m correct.

By 1984 Skrewdriver were a big part of the skinhead scene in England and not only England, but Europe, Austrlia, New Zeland and the U.S.A. and Canada. They had made 4 singles and one LP by 1984 the R.A.C. fests in Suffolk there was an idea to bring all the bands in England together. The first one had 6 bands, the second in 1985 had 7 bands, the 3rd - 8 bands, the 4th 5 bands which I did not go to due to illness it was a good chance to hear all the different bands and their style of music but Skrewdriver was always number one and Brutal Attack number two and to meet and talk to so many skinheads from all over Europe the farm was owned by Nick Griffin’s dad Edgar and was something to look forward to each year well for four years in a row.

As far as I know Ian didn’t follow any football team, but in an interview he mentioned that his favorite football player is George Best (Man United and Northern Ireland). On the other side he had friends from Chelsea Headhunters hooligans. So do you know which team he supported?

Ian didn’t really support any football team, as he had friends in the Chelsea Headhunters, West Ham and Millwall. I didn’t know he liked George Best, but I guess as he came from Blackpool near Manchester that made sense. So no he was for everyone as he wanted the football gangs to unite and fight ZOG.

Did you have the chance to travel abroad with Ian and the band? How he was accepted by the comrades outside Britain?

I went to Holland once with Ian SStuart 1984 for a ‘Free Rudolf Hess” march we were in a bar the reds tried to storm a bar. They went in but got beaten back by the skinheads and ran from us the march was good and Skrewdriver played one of their first gigs in Europe.

Ian was well known with his sense of humor. Can you tell us any funny story, anecdote or weird story you had with him?

Yes, Ian had a good sense of humour which sadly wasn’t so much after he went to jail if he knew you had given you a nickname mine was “Fat arse” and mine for him was bully boy Getting drunk with Ian was fun, one time someone put a brick through a shop window and we all had to run as we heard a cop car.

Did you attend the infamous Waterloo gig in 1992? What are your memories from the street battles before the event?

Yes I did go to the Waterloo gig but we didn’t make it to the gig as the police locked us in the underground station and we went home we didn’t see one red, not one! We were not alone 500 other skinheads didn’t make it ether.

Do you remember the last time you saw Ian Stuart alive?

The last time I saw Ian Stuart alive was in 1991 was at a gig in Stoke. See the pics on my wall at Facebook.

Do you recall how and when you were informed about the death of Ian Stuart? What was your reaction? Do you believe it was a car accident?

I was living with my ex girlfriend Mandy in London she came home from work and told me Ian Stuart was dead. I didn’t believe it at first Pete from No Remorse had told her I was sad I did cry he was a good friend. A few days later I was in my mom’s car and I saw him in the back seat he looked at me and said he was OK and to carry on I didn’t believe in ghosts up to then but I do now and I’ve had dreams about Ian he said me and my present girlfriend Louise should be together. I wanted to go to his funeral but it was family only, a sad day. Ian’s death wil remain a mystery and we will perhaps not ever learn the truth. Or maybe one day…

Any idea what happened with Ian’s fiancée Diane after his death? Did she get a family and children afterwards?

I don’t know, she is Stiiger’s sister you know. I guess she has a life out there I hope.

What happened in the years after ISD passed away? What were the main reasons for the split in the movement? Your opinion on C18?

Well after Ian’s death a lot of faces just went and have never been seen again. Ian was the force which held the Blood and Honour and skinhead scene together you could see who was true and who was fake. Combat 18 was to blame for the split I hated Combat 18 and what they did as it costed a good comrade (Chris Castle) his life. I just stayed loyal to the British movement in the 5 years C18 ran the scene the cancer of C18 is still there as you have a certain group telling folk what to do and think and if you speak out they will attack you if you stand up to them well they can get on with it if that’s what everyone wants that’s up to them, not me. Combat 18 was a state run set-up i.e. Scotland Yard, MI 5, a honey-trap which backfired big time the EDL are the new C18 .

Nowadays movement in England is mostly by old skins. What is the reason for this? Do you accept youngsters in your ranks?

Nowdays kids don’t want to be skinheads any more they just wanna be wiggers (white niggers) they’ll rather join the EDL who are the only group now who can get white kids out on the streets to fight back they don’t want to listen to all us old farts as all we do is fight each other still the C18 cancer is still here one day we willl be united. You do get young skinheads at B&H gigs which is good I’m happy now Blood and Honour is still here but there is more to it than going to gigs and buying cd’s. we don’t have a leader any more to hold things together we have wannabees who try and push you around one day we will have true unity.

There are few books dedicated to ISD, which one of them is your favourite? I think “Nazi Rock star” is most informative and well written…will you agree with my opinion?

“Nazi rock star” as I helped on the book with the pics. I like all the books but “Nazi rock star” is the best.

You are one of the few who still woks hard to preserve the legacy of Ian Stuart and Skrewdriver. How many unseen ISD/Skrewdriver photos do you still have in your collection? Why do you publish them (in Internet) after so many years?

I keep Ian’s dream alive and ideas as he made such an impact on me he is my Adolf Hitler, Oswald Mosley George L. RRockwell for my generation. I’m funding pics of Ian all the time there are lots more to come, I’ll keep going tilll I die keeping his legacy alive. I have about 300 photos or more I publish so every one who is true worldwide can enjoy them and understand what it was all about.

Good old times are over now! How a fourty plus years old skinhead fits to “modern” society in England? Do you feel isolated because of your beliefs and way of life?

Yes, the good old days have gone in England now, but skinheads are big in Germany still so Ian did make his mark in Germany and Eastern Europe. I myself do fit into modern society I can do more things now as a skinhead than I could 20 years ago as no one takes any notice of skinheads now as they are drugged up with TV and other garbage the system feeds them do I feel isolated yes and no I miss my comrades who I could talk to face to face but thanks to facebook I can talk to them here. My beliefs are more understandable now thanks to the BNP as some of our folk are wakening up at last. Skinhead is my way of life tilll death now.

Thanks for the interview. Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you it’s the likes of you and all comrades who keep Ian’s memory alive hail everyone.


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