Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Milos Reho Memorial March

Like in previous years on May 15 Czech nationalists gathered in the city of Litvinov in the place of death Milos Reho, who was murdered 11 years ago, by gypsies. Nineteen years old Milos Reho was found dead near the bus station in Litvinov. Comrade had died as a result of several knife wounds.

About 150 nationalists gathered at this year's march from all parts of Bohemia, to honor the memory of Milos. A column of right-wing activists held a funeral march under the black flag on the streets of Litvinov. At the place of the murder, the protesters laid flowers, lit candles, pronounced the memorable speech. The rally was held without any problems and provocations by the police. For the protection of the march had been involved more than 300 police officers.

Litvinov City is located on the south - west Bohemia. For many years there is a struggle of indigenous people and nationalists with a gypsy racism.

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