Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Skinhead magazine (in english) # 5

With a bit of delay here comes the 5th issue of the English edition of “Skinhead magazine”. The zine shows good progress in inner design and layout, which I hope will continue in the future. Inside you can read bunch of quite interesting interviews, two of which: SPQR crew (Italy) and Antisystem (Russia) are taken by the author of this blog. Other bands featured in this issue are Feldherren from Bavaria /once again :)/and Spanish finest Invictos which you already know from our pages. Polish one man RAC project “The Invasion” is the next one – the guy behind it Kuba puts some light on the situation with the local scene and also about his future project called Brotherhood in which are also involved Graham from Avalon and good old Ken from Brutal Attack. The interview that grabbed my attention was with Lion’s Pride members. Alongside with the standard questions about their music, the lads are answering very deep and detailed on the political and historical sides concerning their beloved Flanders. The “Flemish question” is almost unknown for many comrades and it’s really exciting to learn about it. The second part of this interview will be published in the next issue of the zine due to the limited space in this one and I’m really looking forward to read it. In addion there is a report from Brazilian Skincore Fest, which guest of honour Bremen legends of Endstufe were… all in all another great issue full of handful information for skinheads. Cheers to Poli for keeping the skinzines on paper alive!!!

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