Friday, 29 January 2010

Omerta Skinzine

New (5th) issue of Omerta Skinzine out now:

- Clockwork News
- Interviews: Archivum (HU), Straightline (GR), Marcha Violenta (CHI), Bretonische Waffenverband (FRA)
- Unabomber, ruthless logic vs leftism
- Baise la police, an alternative analysis on ‘La Haine’
- About modern Greek philosopher Dimitrios Liantinis
- Public Enemy No1, Jacques Mesrine
- Greek oi! band Filopatria @ B&H Yorkshire, UK
- Planet Terror - Boycott Israel - Where is my mind
- New WP cd releases
- Music Reviews
and many more, in 60 pages. Price: 3Euros. Available via snail-mail.

1 comment:

Ivana WAU said...

It is a great zine, highly recommended! 14/88!