Tuesday, 19 January 2010

R.I.P. Dieter

Sad news coming from Belgium, few days ago Dieter Samoy the bass guitarist and singer of Flemish Oi! Band Kill baby Kill died after committing a suicide. He was talented musician from one of the best ever RAC/Oi! bands. He will be missed by family, friends and the fans of Kill Baby Kill!!!

Below you can read a controversial article from local media, which was sent to us by Dieter’s girlfriend. Have in mind that the article is translated automatically in English, so the grammar is not perfect.

Convicted skinhead makes end his life

NA - One of the skinheads in Bruges last week were sentenced for violent attack on the African Raphael Mensah (52) in 2006, has one hours after the verdict was facing an end to his life. "He found the ruling unfair," says the father of Dieter S. (29). "He had no second chance, he saw no future." Cedric Lagast
"When he was told last Tuesday that he was sentenced two years cell, he collapsed," says his father. "He was desperate. We are together with his lawyer to keep him inpraten. That appeal is still possible that he should cherish hope. But the verdict Friday when he laid eyes upon it, something must be broken. He saw his dreams to be an educator in smoke. He could not live with the stigma of racist violence to. My wife was with him, but he has an excuse from his mother sent home. They had to retrieve his girlfriend Priscilla of school. When she came home half hours later, they found him in the entrance hall.
"Heavy whipping
Nearly four years long Bruggeling Dieter S. insist that he had not participated in the beating of Raphael Mensah and his friend in West Flanders in May 2006. The two passed along the extreme right café 'De Kastelein "in Bruges and got it to stick with some skinheads. Mensah, a conductor with Gabonese Parisian roots, was more than one months in coma. A year later the man died of a pulmonary embolism. Although his family has always seen a connection between his death and the beating one years earlier, doctors have never prove.
Portrayed as a liar"
Those other two guys hit it already loose, then there was Dieter," said lawyer Vincent Dieters Vereecke. "He has called them to stop and he has one of them pulled the victims. But he admits that he then ran away without calling emergency services. These other two confirmed that in court. But a forensic psychiatrist has Dieter portrayed as untrustworthy, as a liar. " He was convicted of assault and battery, with the death."Dieter has been held up in the extreme right environment, but he has never dealt with the political ideals," says his father. "Dieter was passionate about music and he is so hard in that environment come. Those men gave him a podium. "The Bruggeling acted frequently in performances of the extreme right Blood and Honor. In a search flags were right, fascist literature and wine bottles with the pictures of Hitler found. "Questionable objects", to give Vereecke. "He raved in that environment, but he has never absorbed the ideology. He wrote no pamphlets, he was no speaker. He has never even been a member of Blood and Honor. "After the violence at Mensah turned Dieter S. slowly from the skinheads. "Was not easy," says Vereecke. "Almost all his friends came from that group. He was shunned by other people, just because it came from that environment. But with age came wisdom. He even applied to his music. ""Dieter has tried for his life on track, but he has lived four years in uncertainty", nods his father. "Time and again he was confronted with the story. On the internet they got his name through the mud. He was depressed and in 2008 made a first suicide attempt.
"Worthless degrees"
He tried through part-time education teacher to get a diploma. He learned through the internet his Brazilian girlfriend Priscilla know, the girl lived for several months in Belgium. She dreamed of going to Brazil to move to a street to catch. He has a very good training in Bruges as an educator made him afterwards but they have also to face the facts printed: if he was sentenced, his degree would be worthless. "The verdict came at me hard. In an email to a friend Dieter completed the day before his death the finger on the wound: "I will never work as an educator with children. I will never as a musician in the United States may occur. I will not be able to care for Priscilla. I have no future. "


Anonymous said...

dieter samoy

Anonymous said...

stop commiting suicide fucking cowards

Lolle said...

Rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace Dieter ...

Tonny said...

Rest in peace Dieter.

Anonymous said...

RIP friend.....

Anonymous said...

we´ll see us in valhalla!

Anonymous said...

r.i.p notre frère d arme de sang!!

Anonymous said...

No one that commit suicide go to valhalla,

Wayne said...

RIP Dieter. W'll miss you.

Mateusz Kuśmirek said...

RIP Dieter
Heroes never die!

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Corey Broyles said...

I am 16 and can relate to your lyrics so well
See you in Valhalla