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LÉGIÓ HUNGÁRIA - rally in Budapest/Hungary

LÉGIÓ HUNGÁRIA – Commemoration and protest in Budapest on 23rd of October 2018

     On October 23, 1956 the Hungarian folk rose up against the communist regime and the oppression of the Sovietunion. The events started with peaceful protests but later in the evening the communist State Protection Authority attacked the protesters and shot on them so the protests turned to an armed revolution. The uprising was suppressed with the help of the outnumbered Red Army on 4th of November 1956. In every year it’s a duty to all Hungarian nationalist to remember to the one of the most heroic historical event in Hungary.

     This year the only nationalist commemoration in Budapest, which was independent of any kind of political party, was organized by Légió Hungária. Our new movement is formed by members or ex-members of different other organizations, by people who are active in the scene long years ago. Unfortunately the nationalist rising has been manipulated by those who are more addicted to a "seat in the parliament" than a true national renaissance.  Because of that we -young activists- decided to take the harder road - building a new movement that will start again the battle from the streets of our cities and villages. Without being blind we will support all the policies - it doesn't matter from where they will come from - in favour of the traditions. At the same time we will be strongly opposing against every policy that won't take care of the national interests. That's why we decided to build up a movement rather than a political party, that would be surely engaged in the useless race to get one more seat in the parliament without considering the real needs of our people and nation.

     Beside that our event was a commemoration it was a protest too against the oppression of the European Union. The main slogan was: Our Europe is not your Union. The gathering of the participants wasin the city center on the Ferenciek square. Here  approximately 250 people stood in lines and started their march over the Danube river from Pest to Buda. During the disciplined march we were shouting different slogans like “Ria-ria Hungaria”, “Neighter red nor blue, we don’t need this Union”, “Europe is not this Union”, “ ‘56”... After this 30-40 minutes long march we arrived to the scene of the commemoration, to a statue under the Buda hills. The first speaker was Zsolt Tyirityán the leader of Betyársereg. Beside other topics, he explained in his speech that for him people like Imre Nagy (Hungarian prime minister during the revolution who was a communist, he only wanted to reform the system but never change it. He got arrested and finally sentenced to death by the new communist power after the revolution got failed.) or any other „reform-communists” aren’t heroes, but the real heroes were those armed revolutionaries, who proved to the Red Army and the Soviet soldiers that we are a kind of nation here in the Carpathian Basin, who have the love of freedom and defend of the Fatherland in our genes.

     The second speaker of the event Béla Incze, the member of the Légió Hungária’s leadership, emphasized in his speech that the biggest deeds in history was always brought off by small number of people as only a few people are brave enough for that. Just like the revolutionars in 1956, a small number of brave people took the guns in hands and fought against the outnumbered enemy. He highlighted that the so-called “national radicalism” in Hungary is dead. It did all what it could in 2006 or in 2010, but nowdays is obsolete, is dead. He appointed to build up a new stratum of the nationalist which rejects both intellectual and physical undemanding, which in all cases able to suit the challenge of the modern age.

     At the end of the ceremony we placed our wreath and hundreds of candles by the statue, all together shouted our slogan “Ria-ria Hungaria!” and sang our national anthem. To sum it up, the first public event of Légió Hungária we had was a succesful and dignified commemoration. We are very proud of it and looking forward to the news tasks and challenges in the future.

Report by Herbert Hansen

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