Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Gig in Serbia

20th October, Gig in Serbia

This gig was organized by our Club 28 Serbia. As usually we started to make plan about gig in spring time. Our choice this time was to invite Brainwash from Germany, and Code 291 from Sweden. They accepted and we made deal easy. We arranged also two Serbian bands to play - Iz Revolta and Kristalna Noc. Later we spoke with guys from Czech band Dont Control to play and deal was made. Since the beginning we had good response about this event.

When week of gig finaly came foreign comrades started to come since wednesday,so it was good fun as expected. Friday party was finished and at Saturday morning we had some hot news. One newspaper and tv station were talking about evil nazis gig in Belgrade. Actually, on 20.October was date when Belgrade was liberated from 'occupation forces' in WW2. We didnt even know that we choose perfect day for our gig. Anyway, we didnt care about it too much.

First band to open the gig was Kristalna Noc. They play a lot of their old songs, but also few new ones which will be published on their new up comming album.
Audience was ready for Swedish pride Code 291. Their melodic RAC sound and english lyrics were great accepted by internacional audience. At the end of their set riot police stormed into our hall and gig was stoped. Cops checked ID documents of some guys and left hall, so we could continue with show.

CODE 291

Next band on stage was Iz Revolta. This was promotion of their just released debut cd. Domestic audience really enjoy this band. They also did few cowers from Skrewdriver. It was time for Brainwash. They are real professionals, sound was excelent. Crew in audience had a good fun. They also sing in english so everybody enjoy their music. And they did some Skrewdriver covers in their own style too. Top guys and one of the best bands on scene in my oppinion.

Gig was closed by Czech guys - Dont Control. They did just few songs because of time limit. All in all, this was succesfull event and nice weekend.
There were around 200 people on gig. Once again, thanks to all people which came from Germany, Sweden, Wales, France, Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia. Thanks to all of you for support. 
See you soon on next gig. 828

Exclusive report by Alex


Unknown said...

Great gig

Gspodarica said...

I was expecting more pictures :P

Gspodarica said...
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