Thursday, 10 July 2014

TrollFront Interview

1. Hello to the hottest shit in the World of OI! Lets get straight to the point geezer... The one million question is... Who the fuck are Trollfront?!?

 Can't answer that, sorry. It's not any "fear" we have of retribution. We do not have any, but in the spirit of the idea we prefer to be anonymous. There are 100 of us involved in the actual trolling of dorks.

2. Some friends and I are trying to settle an argument about TrollFront. Some of us feel like the band is making fun of punk fans for a laugh - not taking itself too seriously and encouraging others to do the same. Others think TrollFront is super serious about it's subject matter and are a bunch of angry hate mongers. Which of both is true?

 We are making a much needed joke out of people in the scene who take themselves way too seriously. There is no true political agenda to TrollFront. We just point and laugh at people. How they choose to take that is up to them, and it certainly displays the strength of their character for all to see....or in many cases lack there of.....

3. The Jenny Woo song has come up a lot as either a good example of a friendly roast vs. a mean-spirited personal attack on someone who chooses to do things a bit differently. What is your take on this?

 Jenny hasn't responded to our knowledge which is smart of her. If she wants to be a good sport about it then kudos to her and we mean that. More power to you. But your music still sucks, it's not and never will be skinhead music and has no business being advertised as such.

4. Do you think the whole Politically correct skinhead thing makes any sense? What makes you being sick of so called "PC Oi scene"?

 The "PC" scene has diluted the spirit of Oi! beyond recognition. If you want to play somewhere like Europe and you don't want to be called names you MUST put logos of your allegiances on your flyer. What kind of apologetic bullshit is that? Fuck you, and fuck every band that plays along with it. You can suck a fuckin fat dick. None of us will ever bow down to some piss weak politically correct bitch. Go fuck yourselves. Enough is enough. The PC bitches want to make concerts cancelled, spread rumors and intimidate..... Well guess what cunts... How do you fucking like it?

5. Some people blame you for a lack if creativity, so I cant miss this one... Why the fuck you rip off Skrewdriver so much in tunes" ?

 Because Skrewdriver is awesome and it's a parody band. I write these songs in 30 mins flat what do you want...

6. Your opinion on the motto "Bring back the Oi! to the white working class"?

 Don't have an opinion. KBK was a true skinhead band and I was lucky enough to meet dieter before he sadly took his own life. It was a tragedy but that's life. We are all for keeping oi music away from the poseurs that plague us these days, as real folks numbers dwindle these dorks think it's safe to come out and play dress up. Oi music is for us not for them, don't forget it. As far as "white" well that's ultimately a matter of opinion. We are not political but we don't care who is. We make skinhead music for skinheads that makes fun of people who think they are skinheads. There is nothing more behind what we do.

7. What you gonna do if you MUST spend a night out in the company of Lars, Jenny and Roddy ?

 Runaway? I'm not sure man I would never be in a position that I would entertain such dorks. Never. The thought of hanging out with these people is surreal to me.

8. What about Booze n Glory?!? I've heard the fat guy is your ex boyfriend, so you made this songs just because you are jealous :))) ?

Hahha... I don't even know their music to be honest if I did I would have ripped on their music too. I refuse to listen to something called "booze and glory" on principle. What do they take me for, an idiot? And then these bunch of 1st generation immigrants want to sing about being the London skinhead crew? Please. Quit trying, your ridiculousness is showing. London skinhead crew indeed... Lol....

9. Who will be the next victims if your trolling? I bet there is a huge list... ?

I have 30 or 40 ideas. I won't say who yet. I'm not sure if I will get to all of them as I am a busy man.... But rest assured I hate everyone and you're all a joke to me.

10. Your songs already gained a huge interest online. Do you plan any live gig tours in the nearest future?

We will play Germany and England in January 2015, and Montreal in May/June. We have had so many other offers but time is a problem and life gets in the way. We did not expect this to take off the way it has we were just kidding around and people kept acting like faggots so we kept going because it was funny them all of a sudden, every cool mother fucker in the world is in on the joke.

11. Any final comments?

Yes, look we don't take any of this too seriously. It's up to our "victims" to decide how to take it. Cry like a bitch, die like a bitch. Be cool you might not get done a second time.... Well maybe haha… We have an album we are working on due to be released on Subcultural records, Germany. I'm not sure when, ASAP I hope. Our first concert will be in Germany, January 2015 and I hope to see you there and if I get the shit kicked out of me, I will still find this shit hilarious so suck a dick, PC faggots.

Ok, i guess that’s enough for the moment. Thanks for your immediate answers and keep on trolling!


Jordan Horner said...

This klown Doug Schott is a fraud. Anti-PC, my ass! He's marrying some bull dyking lesbo bitch from North Carolina named Aimee, ya see. And he whines like a little Mary about people making them uncomfortable with bigoted language and so-called "hate speech," and all the rest of it. In his studio, behind his microphone, he like to pretend he's real thick skinned. In his personal life, he's just another limp-wristed PC faggot.

lolz said...

jon pressley said...

For the record, Doug and Aimee are very good friends of Blood & Honour USA. Dont like him? Thats your own business, but keep it to yourself.

jon pressley said...

For the record, Doug and Aimee are very good friends of Blood & Honour USA. Dont like him? Thats your own business, but keep it to yourself.

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