Wednesday, 5 February 2014

In Review - Faustrecht

Name: For the love of Oi!
Label: Oldschool Records
Style: RAC&Oi!
Tracks: 13   

Oi! Oi!... I’m glad to present the latest album of one of my top favourite German bands. It comes not long ago from their previous cd entitled “Straßensozialisten” (or Street Socialist in English). Not much political/ social issues in this one, but mostly songs dedicated to way of life, having fun, beers and fights, charmy skingirls (“Angel of the night) and forever young skinhead spirit! The other difference which should be noticed with their previous albums is the fact that all the songs (except one in their native tongue) are in English. In addition you have one “anti drugs” track ("Fly Away"), plus two cover versions of classic tunes such as “Bank Holiday” (by Indecent Exposure) and “Someone’s gonna die” (by Blitz).The cd comes with a 16 pages booklet in a true oldschool design. “For the love of Oi!”- you gonna love it for sure!!!    

P.S.  As some of you may know, this year is the 20th anniversary of the band. So as an information in advance I can tell you, keep an eye (and ear) on Faustrecht… you can expect something very special from them within 2014… The spirit is alive…fur immer und ewig!!!

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