Friday, 12 April 2013

Gig In Poland

Hello fellow readers of our blog! It’s time to tell you the story about the latest gig in Poland….it’s all started when I was personally invited by one of the gig organizers in the middle of Febuary. Headliners of the concert was one of my favourite bands I.C. 1 so I didn’t hesitated too much before booking the travel. So finally at the 5th April the long awaited day came and I took a flight from Sofia to Berlin, which took me less then 2 hours. Straight away from Tegel airport I continued my trip with a car to the city of Szczecin located in North West part of Poland where my comrades were already waiting for me. A crew from Slovenia plus Andy – the singer of I.C. 1 was also on Polish soil. We started our Friday night in a rock club with few drinks, which exactly for me was 3 fast shots of vodka given me by my hosts – a really warm Polish welcome and kick ass start of the evening J Later on our tour continued to some nice night clubs, having some fun and more drinks and meals enjoying the company of pretty Polish girls J Somehow we managed not to get too drunk, keeping our strength for the next day of the gig.
The next morning I did some sightseeing downtown Szczecin with two Polish comrades, showing me best sides of this beautiful and full of history city. Afterwards we went to a restaurant to meet  the mighty Slovenians who have already started they holiday marathon with their best mate “Jack Daniels” J Shortly after a German crew joined our ranks including the rest of the members of I.C. 1, guys from the well known band Carpe diem. We had some hours of talks and great fun together, laughing loud on various jokes told by Andy… I must admit that this bloke has a great sense of humor. In other hand you all well know that Poles and German nationalists have some issues so it was really nice to see people from those two nations having a good time together forgetting the problems and breaking the stereotypes.
Around 5 p.m. we headed to the gig venue which was located on “x” kilometers from the city. It was kind a disco club with a small stage for the bands. I have to mentioned that originally announced Russian band Truvor failed to come due to some problems with the authorities, so they have been replaced by some Polish bands. After sound checks and other preparations concert have started around 7.30 p.m. with the first band for the night – Nordica. It’s a new local band, but their members are well known musicians from the Polish scene, playing with melodic metal influenced skin band Aggressiva 88. They performed as a four piece acoustic unplugged band. It was two acoustic guitars which was leading the tunes plus bass and drum supporting them slightly on the back. They played some own songs from their debut album “Akustycznie” plus covers of the most well known Polish bands such as Konkwista 88 and Honour as well as “Behind Blue eyes” by “The Who”. On one of their last songs the band was joined by Sadko from Russia who replaced the singer. I know very well that ballads are not the favourite style for some people, but I’m quite big fan of this kind of music so this performance pleased me a lot. The set was really professionally done and lasted for about an hour.
After a short break it was time for the second band of the night Blackauts (not to be misunderstood with Blackout from Wales) another new Polish band. Band is consisted by ex members of The Analogs and The Junkers and I can describe their style as a rough RAC with a sharp vocal. They played full material of their debut album "Jak w Stanach" and cover of Pitbull Farm’s “Army of Assholes” which made me mental and I joined the slam in front of the stage. They did a well played 45minutes set which warmed the crowd for the main event of the evening…

So finally the moment that all of us were waiting for came!!! The headliners of I.C. 1 were on stage warmly applaud by the gig attenders. For those of you who are not familiar with this brilliant band you should know that this is a project by Andy (ex Razors Edge) and German guys from Carpe Diem . Their first cd was realized in 2009 and it was a kick ass debut which made them extremely popular in no time. This album was followed by “Loud and Proud” which saw the light of the day at the fall of last year. I bought and copy of it (plus T-shirt) to support the band and the “PC Records” label that were on the gig selling stuff, so you’ll have a detailed cd review in next days. So back to the topic... I.C. 1 made a fantastic performance playing songs mostly from their debut cd “Out of control” such as “Friday night”, “Stick together”, “Where you belong” ( I adore this one), “Out of control” etc. plus a few top tunes from the new album as “No Surrender”, “Rule O.K.” and “I wont Pay”. The party atmosphere reached it’s climax so security guys were busy to stop exalted fans to invade the stage J Unfortunately the band’s set was not that long as we all wanted, so some great songs such as “ Skinhead legends”, “Undercover journalist” and “Skinhead girl” was not played… but I really hope I will listen to them on some of their next gigs. For a “dessert” the band did some covers such as “England belongs to me” and “Argy Bargy” by Cock Sparrer, “White Power” and “Poland”  by Skrewdriver as a special “thank you” to the gig organizers. Right after the performance Andy was chased by some “fans” who wanted to take a photo with him, but he was too shy to stand all this glory so he fast find a secure place on the bar J
The last band for the evening was The Invasion, which in my opinion are the best and most well known bands from Poland for the last few years. Kuba and the guys did just a few own songs and vast majority of covers from the top bands of our scene. I was really impressed by the way they did a rock version of the Nemesis song “Pride and Purity” and the Polish “evergreen” of Honor – Narodowy Socjalizm” which was the perfect final for the gig.
To summarize it – it was a great gig with four may be not so famous, but really professional bands. Sadly the concert was visited by just 100-120 people, some of which traveled 600 + km. to reach the venue. But I must admit there was great atmosphere, not even a shadow of a problems between Poles and Germans and apart from some individuals who wasn’t able to stand the effects of vodka ( Polish vodka is second to none, I’ve tasted it) the whole event was trouble free and what is even more important without the presence of the fucking coppers.
Firstly I would like to thank my Polish comrades for the hospitality and for the fantastic weekend we had – don’t need to mention names, you know who you are!!! Cheers to Andy and the Germans for the great time we spend together, I was really honored to meet you guys!!! Comradely greetings to Slovenian crew for the fun we had!!! Hope to see you all very soon!!!

Dziękuję and HAIL POLAND!!!