Thursday 14 June 2012

Toscana Oi! Fest

Hello comrades who follow Fatherland blog.

Now I want tell you about a gig named “Toscana Oi! Fest” which took place in Lucca/Italy on 02 June 2012. Two bands have played for this gig: LINEA OSTILE and THE WRONGDOERS because the other bands which were supposed to play couldn’t come because of some problems.
Linea Ostile it’s a new band from North of Italy and has some members of Stato Asociale, The Wrongdoers it’s an Oi! Skinhead Band from Helsinki/Finland, and have some members from Mistreat. This was the first time that they played in Italy and I was curious to meet and see them playing.
So, Tuscany is the region where I’m living and for me it was easy go to the gig because my hometown Pisa is close to Lucca.
I and a friend of mine started from our city at middle afternoon, when the sun was still high in the sky and weather was hot. We arrived in Lucca at 19:00 o clock and we went to the gig’s pub where we started to drink some beers with our local friend. I met also my friend from Firenze, Prato and Pistoia that came after me, it was nice to meet comrades from Tuscany all together in one time…
I was looking forward to see Wrongdoers performance!!! After around a hour they arrived at the pub and I came to them to say “welcome”. I met for first Santtu (the guitarist) and we talked about their trip from Finland, later I knew Atte (the drummer) and the rest of the band.
At 10:00 PM  the gig have started with Linea Ostile. Sincerely while they were playing I was outside the pub and I can’t tell  how many songs they did, but fortunately I was close to door and I could hear some cover songs like “Stato di Polizia” of Peggior Amico and one milestone and most famous Italian song, “Rivolta” by Plastic Surgery.  They have played their own songs also, and I can say that they have a great sound. I hope they will produce a demo CD in the future!
Finally after Linea Ostile came the expected moment of Wrongdoers, all people were looking forward to see them I was also very curious to see the Finnish band.
The band played all songs from his album “Helsinki” like “Fighting for your life”, “My home” and the best song “Oi! For Finland”, so the last refrain of this song dedicated to Italy when the singer singing “Oi! For Italia!” was nice for me hear this and I think all people who hear this were happy like me. So Wrongdoers sounds like true skinheads Oi! music and I can say that is fucking nice!!! I hope to see again one of their gigs in Italy.

The gig closed with Wrongdoers but the night was still young and I and my friends continued to drink rivers of beer eh eh! During drinking time I talked with Atte and Santtu and I found that they are a pleasant people and I spent good time with them.
In the end I came back to my home at 5:00 AM and I slept for recover my strength whiles me thinking about the gig….
The next day I had my belly full of beer but at the evening I was back to the pub to meet again my comrades and the Wrongdoers guys. I drank some beers with them and I remember Atte with Piaggio’s t-shirt, which was funny because he is a fan of the famous Italian scooter: Vespa. I had big eyes when I saw this and I’m glad see comrades that have your same passion and dress with t-shirt from your city! So, we talked to Renne (he also like and have Vespa) about their scooters but the time passes and the time to say goodbye is near…

I and my friends brought Finnish to their hostel and we gave them our greetings and wishes for a save journey back home.
These days were very nice and I’ll keep them forever in my heart.
I want to give my greetings to my friends from Lucca for the good gig, thanks also to Linea Ostile and Wrongdoers, KIPPIS!!! See you in Finland.

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