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Blood&Honour Hexagone Interview

"Version en francais ICI"

1. We welcome to our pages Loic, the leader of B&H Hexagone (France). Please, introduce your organization in a few words. As far as I remember, the name of the French B&H Division was „Midgard”. Can you please, clarify this issue?

 Firstly, I’ would like to thank you for the interview for your blog. We are a bunch of friends and most of us live in Southern France in Marseille. Some of us were members of BH Midgard, before the section was closed down. We decided to continue with the BH activity, but we preferred to establish a brand new Division, consisted by young people, which we named Hexagone in reference to France. For us it was important to have an official French BH Division, so this was the reason why B&H Hexagone was created.

2. How many gigs you organize per year? Do you organize other events?

We try to organize at least two gigs every year, but this is not always possible, because in our region is very hard to find a good concert hall. Apart from the gigs, we also organize social meetings where comrades can come with their families and children, because for us family have very important role.
This summer we’ll organize “Summer Solstice” on 23 June, most of our members are attracted by Paganism, and because of this the logo of our Division is Irmimsul ( The Tree of Life). This summer we also organize a weekend in the wild nature with canoe and camping under the open sky. For us is important to organize various events, and to allow those who are not interested in music to participate in our activities and therefore to bring together even more people who interested in our cause. 14 words!

3. You live in Marseille, a city infamous as “capital of Islam”, not only in France, but in whole Europe as well. What is the racial situation in the city, or perhaps I must ask this question in more direct way…How many White Frenchman’s remained to live in Marseille? 

Definitely the racial situation in city reached a catastrophical level, where the Whites are not a majority. I’m 31 years old and I’ve spend almost all my life here, and I will never leave Marseille, because this is MY CITY! We are forced to live in struggle and people are afraid. But aside from its population Marseille is a beautiful city with a pleasant nature and climate. And for sure like all the other large cities in France we already wonder if there will be a place for us after a few years.

4. Do you have contacts with other NS organizations in Europe? Have you ever had any problems with Chauvinists abroad, because you are French?

We are very close friends with French Hammer skins, and those from Switzerland (Greetings, lads J ) and Italy as well. We don’t have a lot of contacts with other BH Divisions, but I hope this will change in the future. We had no problems with Chauvinist because of being French, the only ones who don’t like us at gigs are the Germans, but they don’t like anyone, so it’s not a problem for us hahahaha.

 5. What do think about Separatism in Europe in general? What is your opinion about the Flemish separatist tendencies in Belgium or those of the Basks in Spain? Do you think it’s possible that France could be divided by national, religious or other reasons?

In the present moment the White World is quickly fading away, so it will be pity to make separations, instead of unity. I’m proud to be French, but I’m also a European and I see nothing logical in Separatism. I don’t think that any part of France will wish be separated.

6. French Nationalism is known in Europe mostly by Jean-Marie Le Pen. Some conservative Nationalist organizations and radical European patriots are not very kind when they are talking about “Front National”. What is the official position of BH Hexagone about this topic?

I can’t speak on behalf of all BH Hexagone members, because not all of us share same opinion about this subject. Although I know that Mr. Le Pen is not loved by everyone, for me he is an important person, he was the first who imposed the Nationalist ideas in my country in the times when Communism was dominating in big part of Europe. Some of his actions are questionable, but we must never forget that he was a politician who couldn’t afford to say everything he wanted to. I’m convinced that deep in his heart he shares the same ideas like us.

7. How the political movement in France looks like in present times? Are there problems and inner fights between the organizations? 

The French political movement is not on very good level, there are just a few important organizations. The only one which is worthy on political level is "Mouvance Identitaire, but for most of us it’s difficult to accept them because they often cooperate with Jewish organizations.
"Mouvance trosieme" is also trying to impose their way of thinking, but it’s really hard for them to reach their goal. I don’t feel close to these organizations, even though sometimes I attend their demonstrations, because those organizations exist.

8. What is the situation with the music scene in your country? As far as I know some of the active bands are “Frakass” (two of its members play for “Brutal Attack”), Bordelboys", "Lemovice”…can you add more names to the list? Do you have any idea what have happened to the old French bands from the late 80’s like "Evil Skins", 9eme Panzer Symphonie”, "Bunker 84", "Brutal Combat" and "Legion 88"?

I would say that the French scene isn’t on a very high level, even when I knew some people will not be pleased of this. Except the bands you have mentioned, there aren’t any others who deserve attention. I can add "Hais et Fiers" and "Cellules 23", but for the moment they are inactive. Soon one new band will appear (their name is “Hold Fast”, we are looking forward for the release of their album. Despite of all we can enjoy concerts where people from all over France are welcomed, because there are no troubles between the different organizations Hammer Skins,BH Hexagone, Front des Patriotes, Lyon Dissident...

  From the old bands some of the guys are still around the scene like the singer of “Bunker 84”, one of the members of "Brutal Combat" and one from "Kontingent 88". I don’t know them personally, just have seen them on few gigs. Listening to “Legion 88” still makes our skins picks and all of us know the lyrics by heart, but their singer is not welcomed to our gigs due to various reasons.

9. An off-topic question…do you follow football? Do you remember one important date … 17th November 1993, "Parc des Princes" Stadium in Paris. Any memories left J ?

Actually I’m not interested in football, because I don’t like to watch a bunch of niggers running after a ball, earning monthly more than I can earn in my entire life.  About the exact game you are talking about – I was 12 years old by the time and of course I have watched the game* on TV. This idiot David Ginola gave you the victory, and I, like all the kids at my age, was very sad. But now when I look at the “French” players and those of Bulgarian team, I surely support your team.

* (Bulgaria won the game by 1-2, scoring in the last seconds and qualified for the 1994 World Cup in USA instead the National team of France. On the tournament after few glorious and unforgettable games Bulgarian team reached the semi-final !!!)

10. What do you know about Bulgaria, about our history and Nationalism?

I know almost nothing about Bulgaria, but for sure your country will be one of my future destinations. I only know that Bulgarian girls are really beautiful hahaha.
Seriously speaking, I just know that a lot of people share a Nationalist view, which is uncommon thing for the French people.

11. Your vision about Europe in next 20 years?

I don’t want even to talk about this, because I don’t want to cry. I just know that if there is any hope for our continent and for the White race it comes from Eastern European countries such as Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. All Western European countries are lost, when I visit Germany or England I can clearly see that not just France is in this shitty situation.

12. Thanks a million for the interview. Your last words to the readers of Revolt NS?

Once gain thank you for your interest on BH Hexagone. To all the readers – Even when victory seems to be far away, don’t give up…until we resist, nothing is lost. Be proud of what you are, and never ever forget those 14 words "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for a White Children". You can contact us on: 

 HAIL 28

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