Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Skinhead Magazine (in english) # 9

The 9th issue of the magazine came out with a huge delay, but the reason for it was just fantastic. The editor of the zine Poli has a new born baby boy – I think we’ll all agree this is the best thing which can happened in the man’s life!!! Inside the zine there is a big and very detailed report about the Czech – Slovakian skinhead scene. The story starts from the late 80’s with some apolitical bands like Oi! Brigade, forward to the musical avalanche from the early 90’s with bands like legendary Orlik who had a special section in the report. More interesting bands from those times which are mentioned are Valasska Liga, Vlajka and Branik first pure NS band from Czech Republic (not to be misunderstood with Bulgarian RAC band BraNNik).
The story goes further with more well known bands such as Kratky Proces, Utok, Excalibur, Buldok and Conflict 88 which play even nowadays. It’s really an interesting read, very informative, full of factology and the report will continue in next two issues of the zine. As an addition there is interview with the person behind the Crime Pride webzine. To sum it up another excellent work from Poli, a must have for every Czech/Slovak skinhead who respects the history of his native scene. As an end I must confess that this magazine is a great inspiration for me and NS Revolt web blog!

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