Sunday, 19 December 2010

Salem March 2010

On 9th of December was the 10th anniversary since the tragic death of Daniel Wretström – a 17 year old Swedish patriot who was brutally killed by multiracial gang of scumbags in 2000.
The Swedish Nationalists organized as an annual gathering launched by the station and Rönninge path crossed the suburb of Salem. 185,000 leaflets were distributed in previous days, and equal number of flyers "adorned" the streets of Stockholm to make its event in as many Swedes could. A long campaign which was the occasion of the 10 years from some crime, which came to a climax the uncontrolled action rogue elements in the country, mostly non white foreigners.

More than an estimated 1000 participants this year was at a silent for another year of emotional state, with hundreds of torches to give light and color in the icy atmosphere of the Swedish capital. A quiet but very dynamic event, a silent but dignified protest against violence and crime, illegal immigration creates.

Bellow there is a emotional exclusive report by our comrade Max Merten who have visited the event:

" SALEM 2010 " from Horst Wessel to Daniel Wretström

Finally the great moment arrived. The Helenic comrades will honour Daniel Wretström.European solidarity in action.the meeting point for us who would travel to Salem from Stockholm,was the Central Station.The place was full of cops in uniform and undercover trying to terrorize the comrades and prevent them from marching.Around 15.12 comrades from Stockholm and other European nationalists, we started the way to Salem by train, followed by the ZOG's puppets-the cops.A distance of 30 minutes took us more than an hour.

We finally arrived at Salem were we met hundreds of comrades preparing for the march.We all went in row and after lighting our torches we started marching to the point where our young comrade was murdered by a multiculti gang.Silence everywhere,as we were marching..too emotional feeling..the drums were biting. cops around us and some pathetic antifa and antinazi on the left of the road protected by the puppets. However no one of us made the mistake that ZOG wanted! We continue our marching,the scums didnt even exist.we had a Holy purpose,to honour our fallen brother.

After around one hour we arrived at the monument,in a road full of snow,in a freezing evening..More than 1.000 European nationalists,methodically and in military style lighted a candle and left a flower to the monument.Some words spoken and songs played in the memory of Daniel..Wish the fire of our torches light the fire of awaking in whole European Nations and finally get free. Daniel Wretström PRESENT!

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Janni Sweden said...

Beautiful written! All honour to Daniel, may he rest in peace!