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Sokyra Peruna Interview

Interview is conducted by us in January 2009 in Russian. Thanks to Kirill for doing the translation in English for the blog. “Большое спасибо брат”!

1. Hello, tell us about the history of your band in details? When it was created? Who are the members and how many albums were released? Why did you change the name of the band?

In brief: the reference point is 26th of April, 1998, that day during Rudolf Hess Memorial in Kiev it was announced that the band “Bulldog” changed its name for “Sokyra Peruna”. For the 8 years of Sokyra Peruna’s activity, about 25 people participated in recordings and concerts. More than 100 concerts were played in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Lithuania. 4 albums were recorded, the band participated in 2 compilations and one split album. In 2001 Polish label released the Best hits of the band for past period. First of all, we are Ukrainian band and we are proud of our glorious nation’s history. When the great prince Svyatoslav destroyed Sarkel (Khazar city), he dedicated this victory to the God of Victory. When he said “I’m going to fight with you”, raising his sword, he sanctified it with the name of God of the War. Both Gods have the same name – Perun. So the history began. According to Russian epos Perun had a great arsenal or arms, in particularly he had battle-axe (sokyra). So that is how the name of our band was born. It’s not just a some group of sounds, this is an integral part of our ideology. We are the sense of our land, we will always be true to our land, we don’t believe those who speak to you of otherworldly hope. We are ready to defend our ideology.

1998 – Очи Сповнені Гніву (Eyes full of Hate)1999 – Європейська Єдність (European unity)2003 – Перунова Рать (Perun’s Army)2006 - … і мертвим, і живим, і ненародженим… (For dead, live and unborn)сборники:2001 – The Best Of Sokyra Peruna2003 – ISD Memorial – 10 Years in Valhalla 2004 – Ukrainian-Hellenic Friendship2007 – Lost Wisdom – Tribute to Varg2007 – Perun Fest `06

2. What do you think about political parties and politicians at all? Does Sokyra Peruna support any Ukrainian nationalist party?

Politics In Ukraine means absolute embezzlement and moral degradation. There are some people who I respect. But the band will be never marionette in the hands of politicians. Now we don’t support openly any political party.

3. What do you think about current political situation in Ukraine? Is it possible that Ukraine would be divided into 2 countries as some geopolitical analysts consider?

Current situation in Ukraine is carefully directed permanent chaos. A movie watched by electorate, which has forgot about everything. After the events of 1991 and 2004 people begin to understand or even feel that all that they see it’s not an independence, democracy or freedom. The old communist system was destroyed, but the renaissance of Ukrainian nation and once great Ukraine, successor of Kievan Rus’ didn’t happen. A new antiukrainian system was created full of antiukrainian politicians. The country converted into transit point for illegal immigrants, recruitment agency for European and asian brothels, out country lost 7 millions people and the nation continues to die out. We are not allowed to European Union because they consider us “defective”, but anyway we ask on bended knees to allow us. Legislative power and all the money are in hands of foreigners. Am I right? We give everything to aliens who are sly and cunning and then we cry how it’s unfair. We are the champions in crying, but we don’t try to change the situation. The reason is that we are not so as we must be – we are the race of honest warriors, race of victors, race of unselfish fighters. For example the jews are so as they must be. They are fraudsters and sly dogs. That’s why we lost, we are not proud of our great ancestors, we don’t lead their way. Now we are only observers.
What is to geopolitics, I think Ukraine wouldn’t have the same destiny as Serbia. At least in the near future. Artificial stirred up confrontation between Western and Eastern regions exists. But Ukraine is too big country with a strong patriotic idea.

4. What do you think about Russian Federation desire to return Crimea? What is your attitude to chauvinism?

First of all I should think about Tatars and Turkish in Crimea. They are geared up more seriously. They buy land and drive out native population. Turkish government secretly pays money for newborn Tatars. That’s the problem. Of cause My attitude to chauvinism is negative. In such tragic situation for White Race it’s a crime to be a chauvinist.

5. It is well-known about separation between В&Н and С18. What is your opinion about this conflict and what is the position of Ukraine?

Unfortunately, after the death of Ian Stuart (RIP), a lot of people pretended to be the leader of organization, they thought that it’s high time became “the boss”. This situation is used by all kind of “infiltrators” who undermine organization and provoke people to do thoughtless deeds. I think that only evil’s forces (we know who are they) will benefit of the separation, and it wont be useful for White Movement. We got stuck in faction and mutual disrespect. We have to solve this problem. It’s time to unite – that’s the position of Ukraine. This is an old Slavic proverb: let bygones be bygones.

6. Can you name some musical. historical, political or other person who inspires you?

There are too many, to mention everyone in this interview. They are heroes of the past and the present, our contemporaries and those who lived hundreds years ago. They are Heroes of my Great Race, who are like the fire, they are fearless and full of pride creators.

7. What are your favorite RAC and Metal bands?

Nothing special - Bound For Glory, Teardown, Blue Eyed Devils, Brutal Attack, Fortress and of cause, Skrewdriver. If I speak about non-right-wing music. I can mention classical music of different times and modern bands as Motorhead, Manowar, AC/DC, Slayer, Hatebreed etc.

8. Which way of fighting is the best, according to you?

All the means are good, because the end justifies the means. When the matter is survival of our Race we must use any means in our fight. The propaganda, the direct actions and legal resistance – are the ways to attain our common aim – our Victory.

9. Now Ukraine suffers demographic crisis. How do you think what are the reasons?

The reasons are well-known: somebody tries to convince our nation that children are “worthless stuff” for family. That you should think only about yourself, about the present day, well-stuffed wallet and a good car, and the rest is not your deal. The people deceived by jews, don’t identify themselves with their Race. They live by present day, without thinking about the future of their nation.

10. What do you think about religion?

The religion is lies, one of the most effective means to manipulate people. The laws of Nature and Nation – that is we oppose to all religions.

11. What can you tell us about Bulgaria? Do you have and connections with Bulgarian comrades?

Bulgaria is a beautiful sunny land, with a very similar language. When a Bulgarian speaks, a Ukrainian can understand. We met many times with Bulgarian comrades at different European Gigs, but unfortunately we don’t have more close connections. But I hope we will enter in cooperation.

12. We know that you organized Perun Fest. Tell us about this gig. When it was held for the first time? What is the main idea? Also we would like to know something about next gig which will take place in summer 2008?

The very first Perun Fest took place in Kiev 4 years ago, since that time it is organized every year In the end of July as a patriotic music festival, because 20th July is a great Slavic holiday – The Day of Perun ( Perun – the God of Thunder, patron of warriors). The main idea of the festival – is to honour our Gods. Sokyra Peruns, Whites Load (Ukraine), Antisystem, Kolovrat (Russia), Nemesis, Stigger, Brutal Attack, Blackout (Great Britain) are among those who participated in the gigs.
In 2008 it was a double holiday, because Sokyra Peruna celebrated tenth anniversary. We carried out one of the best gigs in the history of Ukrainian movement. About 500 people came from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Slovakia, Serbia and Poland. There were 9 Val (Ukraine), Antisystem (Russia), Ancestors, JM (Slovakia), and of cause hero of the occasion – Sokyra Peruna. The importance of this gig can scarcely be overestimated and I hope it has a good future.

13. In the beginning of 2008, Serbian territory was taken away? What do you think about the situation in Kosovo?

Kosovo is a running sore of Europe, her pain. Every European has personal responsibility for that we permitted to Muslims to get this Slavic land. Let these bastards choke with their joy, but soon we will revenge them.

14. What are your plans for the future?

We continue to work on our new album, which we expect to release in spring of next year to our eleventh anniversary. Also we are going to release this winter our joint project with Bound For Glory, Brigade M, Antisystem – which is called Germanic-Slavonic Army. We plan to record a ballad album with Ken McLellan.

16. The last words for our magazine? What you want to say to our readers?

То strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield!

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