Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Joe Rowan Memorial gig in Hungary

Joe Rowan memorial – 09.10.2010. Hungary

The annual Joe Rowan memorial concert was organized again by the Hungarian Hammerskins, just like in every year’s October since 2005. The gig took place in the nord-west area of the country, in the small town Sopron. Four bands got invited to play, Worst Nightmare, Verszerzödes and Vegitelet from Hungary, and an Italian Hammerskin band Bullets.

To be the first band at a gig is not so grateful, and this time Worst Nightmare got this role. The band was formed back in 2002, after few years break they came back in 2006. Their line up at this night was quiet new, since their new vocalist joined the group just 5 months ago. He hasn’t much gigs behind his back yet, but he is getting more and more routine on the stage. They played a good set, and beside their own songs they played few covers, for example ’Hammer Joe’ from Aggravated Assault with Hungarian lyrics.

The next bnnd on the stage was Bullets. This was the first visit of the Italian guys in Hungary, but hopefully not the last one. Their set was a good mixture of their own songs with many Nordic Thunder covers, like ’Born To Hate’, ’Change Of Scenery’, ’Runing Riot’ and ’Cold Hard Facts’, which was sang by Geri, the vocalist of Verszerzödes. The crowd already started to warm in during their show, and the song ’Revolta’ from Plastic Surgery was just the top of the iceberg.

After Bullets came Verszerzödes. More people gathered to the front of the stage and finally we could see some pogo too. The guys had one of their best show in the last months I think so. They also played the Nordic Thunder anthem ’Change Of Scenery’, but before the song Geri had few words in memory of Joe Rowan, and asked the attendances to remember with one minute silence to our fallen marthyr.

As much isn’t the best to be the first band at a gig, is just same to be the last one. But the guys from Vegitelet didn’t care about this, and made a powerful gig. This band is quiet new in the Hungarian scene, but the guitarist we could already seen before in bands like Nimrod and Hunor, and their drummer plays in Hunor too. I could describe their style as hard RAC, with a few influence of hardcore. Hopefully we don’t have to wait so long to their debut CD.

I could tell, that it was a really good event and worthy of Joe’s memory. Well organized, good atmosphere and without any problems or fights. Comrades attended from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovakia and of course from Hungary. Hammer Joe you are forever in our hearts, see you in Valhalla!

by HHS

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