Monday, 22 February 2010

"SPQR skins" Rome Interview

1. We say hello to Pigi from SPQR skins Italia. Please introduce your organization and its history in few words. There is a hatecore band with the same name so please explain us more about this matter.
Hi Comrades…Our organization starts at the beginning of the 80’s raise up as a street gang it haven’t a real political definition, after few years some guys decide to give a political soul to this movement also creating one of the most important Rock’n Roll/Oi band of our city named “Intolleranza” after this early days the name and the ideas are arrived till us and now we are a new organization composed by 35/40 skinheads old and young.
You ask me about the band “SPQR” they are the continuation of an older hardcore band named “LONDINIUM SPQR” composed by ex members of SPQR SKINHEADS living in London,
When one of them comes back in Italy he wants to continue their experience here raising a new band. However one of our members plays with them and they are our friends and comrades.

2. What is the current political situation in Italy. How many nationalist parties and organization you have now. What could you tell us about Forza Nouva and Alleanza Nationale?

Alleanza Nazionale is finishing now after 14 years entering in a big party of moderate right wing. There still are some comrades there however. Forza Nuova is more extreme we have some friends also there but we don’t support with the vote none of them.

3. Italy is having very big problems with emigrants from countries like Romania and some countries in Africa. Do you have strong laws against illegal immigration and how they are applied?

We don’t have big problems especially in Roma now is starting some new stuff with a new Romanian immigration but nothing special. In northern Italy they are starting to have a big northern Africa population, but is not a real big problem, not now. We have had some strong laws mad from “alleanza nazionale” but the reds moderate them… Now we are hoping with the new government to have it back.

4. Rome is home of two famous Italian teams – A.S Roma and S.S. Lazio. Do you have “ultras” in you ranks, and does this football rivalry is a reason for conflicts inside the movement?

In our movement football is not important we are from the both sides also the other comrades know each other. In these last years we decide to leave the stadiums to concentrate more to other projects.

5. Can you tell us about “Skins 4 Skins” network and what are its main goals?

S4S is a network raised some years a go to help our brothers in prison. It’s very simple me organize a gig, we pay the bands and if someone need it the rest is for them money for families or lawyers or for them. When is possible we give them our lawyers.

6. You have very nice bands in the past. How Italian WP music scene does looks alike in present times?

In Italy we always have had a great musical scene. Now we have bands like TIMEBOMBS (of my crew) or CIVICO 88 OR MALNATT ULTIMA FRONTIERA and really a lot of new rock’n roll /Oi bands composed by young guys. There is also a new wave of hardcore music with bands like SPQR, BULLET, HATE FOR BREAKFAST greats band but I still prefer music from the past.

7. How often you have gigs there? I see an advertisement of few Skinhouses around Italy. As far as I know you organize gigs in an occupied house in suburbs of Rome. Can you tell us more details about this subject?

More or less once at month sometimes two. Organized by the biggest movement as Skinhouse Milano or Veneto Fronte Skinheads or Casa Pound Italia or us with SPQR SKINHEADS CLUBHOUSE. Yes in Roma we have some occupation of the right wing for example our flat “CASA ITALIA COLLEVERDE” or “CASA POUND” our squat is an ex school building of 4 floors. In the building situated 5 km far from Roma lives some of us and some Italian families that need a house. We have a Pub there, a concert hall in the basement for 450 persons some rooms for the guest and a Rugby Team where we have a lot of kids that lives in the neighbourhood. So I answered also to the other question now in Italy is a quiet period with the authorities. With Reds…here in Roma…something sometimes happens but we can’ think about them as a problem.

8. Is it hard to be a right wing skinhead in Italy? Do you face problems with the authorities, the press or the so called Anti Fascist action?

It depends from the city but generally we rule expecially in Roma. With the authority in Roma is almost quiet...inot the same in the north,its a strange period! the press is the same in the whole world but we have found jouyrnalist tha talks a bout us telling the truth... I really hope this moment comitnues ehehe!

9. While skins around Europe changed their outlook, Italians kept the “original image” from the 80’s. Do you have some special reason to do this?

Especially in my crew we like a lot to preserve our traditional outlook we think that continue a tradition means also maintain the style of our subculture. We grow up in that way why we have to change. Obviously each one find his way to follow, but we prefer this!

10. Your final comments? What do you like to say to readers of our zine?

I want to thanks you and all the Bulgarian Comrades for your time and that we are waiting for you in our Clubhouse and in our eternal city.

Bye Comrades!


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