Monday, 8 February 2010

Day of Honour 2010


Knowing the political events of last times the National Revolutional Party (NFP) undertakes the organisation of the commemoration of Day of Honour this year. The NSF agrees with the political aims of NFP and owns the honest purposes of it. For this reason the NSF gives the organisation of commemoration of Day of Honour over to NFP. The NSF supports the commemoration and the organisation of the concert following the ceremony.

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Anonymous said...

Sad news.. :( The NFP cancelled the event because of the zionist/commie government, and the police.They didn't say anything about the gig, except that it's organisers will tell us until february 28th if it will be held, or not.
Let's hope that they won't be forced to retreat.If Sons Of Europe could be held without problem(okay, some policemen showed up at the entrance, but they didn't do anything), this will be okay too!