Monday, 9 July 2012

Brief report from Rock für Deutschland

On 07.07.2012 the Nationalistic festival Rock fur Deutschland took place for the 10th time in Gera. The rain and the antifa demonstration could´t stop the event. It was organized by the NDP and every visitor get free CD from RFD live 2010. The bands that participate this year were Oidoxie, Tätervolk, Words of anger and Exzess. Max resist should play too, but the police don’t let them to Germany

Between the bands there were speeches by Udo Vogt, Matthias Fisher, Patrick Wieschke, Dieter Riefling, Patrick Schröder and Matthias Faust. Our comrades were provocated by a nigger journalist walking around and taking interviews with the support of ten heavy armed special police officers. Like other events from this type it was alcohol – free.

* Our reporter couldnt made it to the end of the gig because of some health problems, anyone who is able to write a detailed gig report in English, please contact us on: 

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