Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Nessura Resa

The project Nessuna Resa (No Surrender) starts in Lucca (Italy) in the year 2008 by the hands of Adam (voice and guitars) and Cicogna (bass), with the purpose to give a voice to the local Skinhead movement. Togheter with Francesco (drums) in 2009 they record a demo called "Terra di Nessuno" ("No man's land") and start playing gigs around Italy supporting other Oi! and RAC legends of the italian scene.

In December 2009 during a gig in Bologna left-wing militants made a manifestation against the band because of their fascist and nationalistic ideals and topics.

Unfortunately the band had to give it a hold-on in the first months of 2010 because the bass player Cicogna had to serve one year jail for a personal assault against a left-wing militant that was a police informer. While Cicogna was serving time, Adam and Stefano (a comrade friend to all components of the band) got arrested and sentenced 7 years first degree for a aggravated assault to a pub that was a usual Sharp hangout. Because of this Nessuna Resa are actually on hold but with new material and new projects to be made once the time is served! No surrender, no remorse!

Bellow you can read an interview, which is a cut out from "Skinhead magazine - in English" # 6

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