Thursday, 7 July 2011

In Review: Tar Had

Name: Demo 2008        
Label: Bunker records 
Style: R.A.C.
Tracks: 7

This is the debut work from this Budapest based band. Tar Had keeps to the roots of good old Magyar Skinrock with a bit of harder influenced tones. Thankfully (for me) the band didn’t follow the massive new wave of “one year lasting” Hate core bands which appeared like mushrooms after the rain in last few years. The demo contains seven songs, one of which (Odin es Thor) also took part in “BHS crew” compilation cd. Quality of the sound is pretty good for just a demo recording, same like the skills of the musicians and singer, so we can expect much more in the future. The cd-r comes in simple cardboard box, with no booklet, in limited edition of 300 hand numbered copies which makes it attractive for the collectors of DIY stuff.

The good news coming from the band is about a brand new album coming (probably) by the end of this year. Info in advance is that there will be cover of non famous Skrewdriver song from their punk period.

Thanks to Tomi for the free copy of the cd, keep on doing the good job with the band.

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