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Les Vilains Interview

1. Hello Suck, greetings from NS revolt web blog. We should start with the standard question, can you please present briefly the history of Les Vilains?

I come from Brussels and I’m french speaking. I come living in Bruges in 1997. Was not French speaking oi band in Belgium since Fight Action (Brussels) & Justice (Liège) (1986-1988).Our first single “Belgique hooligans” (mini cd + single) coming out in 1998.The first official line up was : Tichke (guitar), Gabber-Tim (bass), Schimmel (drums) & I (Suck) on vocals.With this line up we already make “Vengeance” (mini-cd 1999), who later coming out on a mini-lp (“Trou du cul”) with 5 bonus live songs. The single “Skinhead girl warrior” and the live cd “Hollidays in Donk” coming out in 2000.Olivier bring the place of Gabber-Tim at the bas, and after coming Dieter & Kris in 2000 at the guitars at the place of Tichke.In 2003 we make our first album « Les derniers rebelles ».But, few weeks before to go in studio I smashed the face of Schimmel. Because of that, Nysie bring hes place at the drums. Later Dominator bring this place.In 2005 we make 2 songs for a split single with our german friends of Kampfzone.Few weeks before this single coming out, Olivier is dead.Few time after that, Kris leave the band.We never really look for a new bass player. For the gigs we get support from different friends (Steve – The Pride, Gunther – Lions Pride, Hans – Get Out, Boni – The Veros & Snix).At the drums Sven bring the place of Dominator and Eef come play with Dieter at the guitars.We don’t make a lot of gigs the last years, because Dieter had on his side formed a new band. A band where he write the songs, sing and play the bass: Kill Baby Kill! Sven go play with hem in this band.Teun from Short Cropped coming at the bass.In 2008 coming out an album compilation, with all our singles and contributions to different compilations and tributes. “pour faire chier!” (cd + lp).At the end of 2009 we make a demo for our new album, with songs written between 2005 & 2009. We had the project to go in studio at the beginning of 2010, hélas our friend Dieter is dead the 15th of January.With Eef, Sven and Teun, we decide to make this album. In memory of Dieter, because he writ all music.This album “Skinhead family” came out this summer on Pure Impact record.We can use from our demo the guitar (on “L’homme le plus riche du monde”) and the voice on backing vocals (on “Grosse salope”) from Dieter.It was important for us.

2. Your last album “Skinhead family” was released by Pure Impact records some months ago. Are you satisfied with the quality of recording and your cooperation with the label?

Yes, we are very happy with the album ´Skinhead Family´. Peter from Pure Impact is a really good friend of ours for a long time so we really wanted to bring out this album on his label. He supports the scene since 1984 and is a correct guy.

3. Why do you prefer artworks for the front covers of your cd’s instead of pictures? The covers of last two albums look very similar, did you use same artist for both of them?

I drew the covers of our EP´s, from the mini LP, from ´Pour fair chier` en from ´Skinhead family´myself. I also make the artwork of most of our t-shirts. The drawing from ´Les derniers rebelles´was made by a fan from the USA called Muna. Now he also drew a cover for the latest album of Last Resort.

4. We have chose “Nice boys don’t play RAC and Oi!” for slogan of our blog, which originally was used by Les Vilains. What this motto means for you?

This slogan was inspired by a song from Rose Tattoo (Nice boys don’t play Rock ‘n Roll). We use to say that in the first place we are an Oi! band. But nowadays, most oi bands are afraid to say what they really think. It is easier to make ‘happy Oi! lyrics. without a clear opinion The skinhead scene turns pc more and more.
We don’t really want to send a political message, but we are also not going to sing about things we don’t like. That is the reason people label us as a R.A.C. band
I really don’t care how people label us, we play for ourselves and our friends. You can’t be a nice boy and also be a skinhead!
For a lot of people being a skinhead is only a look and Oi! music. For us, it is a mentality.
5. What is the racial situation in Belgium and in your city Bruges?

The same as in all European countries, there are a lot of foreigners. Most of them are Maroccan and Cogolese (Congo was a colony of Belgium in the past). There are about 10% foreign people in Belgium. But in some cities, like Antwerp and Brussels this goes up to 30% and in some parts of these cities it is about 80%.
This is way to much! Bruges is a nice little city where a big part of the medieval architecture is saved. It is perhaps the most beautiful city of Belgium with, fortunately, not a lot of foreign people.

6. What is your personal opinion on Flemish separatist willing? Do you think Belgium should be divided by political, economical or other reason?

I am a nationalist en I will support my country for a 100%. Belgium exists from 1830, but the name is in use for over 2000 years. It is the oldest name for a region in Europe after Greece!
We speak 3 differtent languages here. Flamish(Dutch with another accent) in Flanders, and French an German in Walloon.
In these days the Flemish site 5North of Belgium) is more rich than the South. A lot of the separatists think that when the country will split up, they have to pay a lot less taxes! That is a disgrace! I have a lot of friend from the Flemish BH. They are advocate for autonomy. I cannot understand this. We are brothers! Should we just dump a brother because he has some temporary financial problems? In the 50s it was the other way around; it was the South that supported the North. At that time, nobody thought about a split up. BH is a symbol of unity, nothing else!
P.S. Bruges is in Flanders, but we are 100% Belgian before anything!

7. Who is Ambiorix you have dedicated a song to? Is there any personality from the Belgian history which deserves a song?

Ambriorix was the chief of a Celt tribe in Belgium (Belgea in that time). He fought against the soldiers of Julius Ceasar. He made a lot of casualties among the Roman legions that invaded his territory. He was never arrested and a perfect symbol of resistance.
After the wars in the Gauls. Julius Caesar said: From all the people in the Gauls (nowadays Switzerland, Belgium, the South of Holland, France and the North of Italy) the Belgian people are the most courageous.
Belgium has a lot of historically important people. My favorites are:
Godefroy De Boullion (XI century): The leader of the first crusade. When Jerusalem was conquered, people want to make him the first Christian King of Jerusalem. He refused and said: I don’t want to have a golden crown, while Jesus wore a crown of thornes.
Charles Martel (VIII century): A lot of people think he is French. But is origin lies in Herstal, from Liege in Walloon. He is associated to French history while he stopped the Muslim invasion in Pottier (South-West of France) en fought for the French king.

8. How many are the active skinhead bands in your country in present?

The Pride, Headcase, Lions Pride, Short Cropped, The Widowmakers, The Agitators, Trouble Ahead, …We are a small country, but we have always been very active in the scene! There are a lot of gigs here. Our country lies in the middle of Germany, the Netherlands, France and England. Because of that, a lot people come to our gigs. Everybody loves the Belgian people, and of course our beers! LOL

9. What do you think about the drugs in skinhead scene?

Personally, I am a 100% against drugs. I don’t need them. But it is true there are a lot of drugs in the skinhead scene. That is nothing new. It has always been like that, both in skinhead- and R.A.C. scene. Some people might think that they need that to solve their problems, to be stronger or just for fun. But at the end of the day; what is the difference between people who can’t go without alcohol and are drunk every weekend? (probably for the same reason as those who do use drugs).

10. You were the owner of infamous “De Kastelein” club? What are your memories from those years? Any funny story or anecdote from the numerous gigs and parties there? What is present situation of this place which now is known as “Moloko bar”?

I started with the Kastelein in 1998. Almost 150 skinhead bands have played there! I have tons of good memories and anecdotes about that time. Through the pub, I met a lot of people and made a lot of friends in many different countries.
I had to sell the bar, because there were too many problems, also with the media. The pub still exists, but with a new name and a new owner. There is still every month an Oi! gig there. The ambiance is also good. I still help them out a lot with the organization of the gigs and also with playing the music. I am now the DJ of the bar! LOL

11. Do you follow football? Which team do you support? What is your opinion on hooliganism?

I am an old supported (1985 – 1993) of RWD Molenbeek (club from Brussels). We were called the Brussels Boys. Dus club doesn’t exist anymore since 2002.Over here, all my friends are Club Bruges FC supporters. I live about 4 km from the stadium. I go to the bar of the Bruges hooligans quit often en some times to the match. I am not a real supporter of this club, more a sympathizer.
The hooliganism was nice in the 80s. At this time there were some codes.
These days, there is a lot of police, too much drugs and a lot of people that only come to fight and don’t support the club.

12. Let’s change the subject to a very sensitive topic…Dieter Samoy (your band member and Kill baby Kill singer) sadly left this world in January 2010 after committing a suicide. How his death affected Les Vilains and whole scene in Belgium?

Dieter wasn’t just a band member, in the first place, he was a good friend. His death hurt us a lot. I knew him for a long time, and the last couple of years we lived in the same house. He wrote a big part of the songs of Les Vilains. I still think about him every day, and the music still effects me the same way. When you are ‘well known’ you have a lot of friends, but also a lot of enemies. Some people are still busy to make his memory a bad one. For those people I want to give two last words from Dieter: FUCK YOU! Rest in peace Dieter.

13. What do you think about following bands:

Glory Boys:
A very good young band, in the genre of Condemned 84. Very friendly people. At a gig in Belgium, I was selling my collection of ep’s to raise some money for the justice department (again). When they heard about that, they gave me a box full of t-shirts and cd’s for me to sell to support me.
I know that in countries like Spain and Italy it is difficult to play non-political Oi!. You always come into trouble with one side or the other, left and right. Those people who think they are SHARP’s, are completely wrong.

Lion’s Pride:
Very good cd. The singer Gunther is very well known in Belgium with his other black metal band: Ancient Rites. He also played his bass 3 gigs with us, after our bass player Olivier passed away in 2005. They are very good musicians, it is just a pity they don’t play so much.

One of the best German bands ever. Sometimes people are critical while the are so professional with their merchandising and stuff. I say: finally people who can play good music with intelligent lyrics and a good look. This becomes rare.

Friends. This band deserves the biggest respect from everyone. Still playing after almost 30 years in the same line of condust. They have so many hits. The last time they played in Belgium (Live & Loud) there were 1000 skinheads!
In the future we want to cover one of their songs in French. Surprise!!

14.What are your future plans, any upcoming gigs or new recordings?

We are busy with a new project that will come out mid 2011. With a lot of covers. We are playing this year in Italy, Spain, Belgium and maybe also Brasil this summer!

15.Thanks a million for the interview!!! Last words are yours. Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for the good interview. We are an Oi! band. We are no Nazis. If people think we are racists, they confuse racism with nationalism and our working-class mentality. We can not tolerate people having no respect for our country. This has nothing to do with a superiority feeling or something like that. It is just a matter of respect!


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