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Sons of Europe 2010 gig report

True to tradition from the last few years at the end of the summer was time for “Sons of Europe” festival. After the great experience from 2009 I was really looking forward to visit beautiful Budapest and attend the gig again. Long days of waiting were over and on 27th August I took the plane to Hungary’s capital city for another unforgettable NS holiday. The flight from Sofia was very short and after just one hour I landed to Ferihegy airport where a comrade of mine was waiting for me, with pack of ice cold beers for welcome. After a delicious dinner meal we went to meet some comrades from other European countries which were already at Budapest as well. We had a chance to visit a gig of the long running Hungarian band “Titkolt Ellenalas” (Secret Resistance) in a Nationalist rock club at the downtown of the city. The concert was a small party for the local standards, “only” around 200 people attended. There was very nice atmosphere in the venue, I met really friendly people and have some drinks and talks with them on various topics like football and politics. I had the opportunity to taste the local white wine, which I really enjoyed. As you can guess first night of my holiday continued till to the early morning hours, having a lot of fun and laughs with comrades.

At Saturday, after just a few hours of sleep and almost no hangover :) it was time to go to the place of the gig. The venue was same like last year, but thankfully the weather was not that hot so hall wasn’t like an oven even as it was previous time. The schedule with the order of appearance of the bands was put on the wall, so everyone can see it.

Around 5 o’clock after some preparations the gig went ahead with a little bit delay. First artist for the day was the ballad player Sadko from Russia….and what e performance he made!!! He started with some songs in his native language like “Dmitrii Donskoi”, „Скажи России” (Tell me, Russia) and the hymn of the Russian/Ukrainian movement „Честь и Кровь” (Honour and Blood). Then it was time for song in Polish “Cena idei” (Price of ideas) and some other covers of well known “evergreens” like “Road to Valhalla”, “Tomorrow belongs to me” and “Ode to dying people”. The singer gave all his passion on the stage and made an electric atmosphere towards the audience. Together with professional skills on the guitar and vocals, I can say that this was the best ballad performance I’ve ever witnessed.

The second band of the program was locals from Jogos Önvédelem (Rightful self-defence). This band started as a one man project a while ago, but afterwards they got a full line up, so it was just their third live performances. Before the begging of their set the singer warned all the people in the hall NOT to make any photos or videos shootings, because of security reasons, so that’s why I’ll post here a video clip of a song from their first album. I really enjoyed their heavy RAC sound and the throaty voice of the singer. The subjects of their lyrics are 100 % anti Zionistic, very direct message to the listeners.

They played for about 50 minutes followed on the stage by the surprise band of the evening. For all those who expected the serial RAC band from Germany may be it was a disappointment, when on stage appeared Conflict 88 from Czech Republic. They are long time playing band which become better and better through the years. The music was quite melodic and energetic and this made around 250 (!!!) followers of the band from Czech and Slovakia dance all around the place. After ah hour of rocking they finished their part with “ Krásné časy ” (Wonderful hours), a “party song” who was so catchy, that even now few days after, it still can’t gone from my mind. Cheers to Conflict for keeping the good traditions of the Eastern European RAC still alive!

The break after was used by the organizers to make a speech hailing the memory of Rudolf Hess and heroic deed and martyrdom in the name of peace between White European nations. The speeches were held both in Hungarian and English and deserved a big applause from the crowd.

Next on stage were ‘the usual suspects” from Feher Torveny. This band played in all previous editions of Sons of Europe, so some part of the audience was not that interested on listening their music, but I was there to support them and of course to enjoy my favorite tracks such as “BHS Crew”. Maci and lads showed the usual top form of the band and presented some new songs which hope soon will be released on some album or compilation.

So the event came to the moment on climax…on the stage were the living legends of the R.A.C. – famous Brutal Attack from England. They got a special introduction from the organizers, cheering them for the 30th years anniversary rocking for race nation. Ken and the boys started with their ballad anthem “Ocean of warriors” which made hundreds of pairs hands clap in the air.

During the whole set the atmosphere in the hall was incredible and as you guess the main reason for this was the great stage performance from Ken Mc’Lellan. He sang so passionately and “from the heart” like this was this was last of his days. Almost all the 800-900 people in the hall sang like one on “Rock against Communism”, “Free my land” and “Always near”. The band showed that they have no intentions to call it a day and have energy for at least another 30 years on stage.

Ater the end of their set so many fans of the band wanted to take a pic with Ken or just shake his hand so it took him around half an hour to walk the 50 meters to the hall gate. He didn’t refuse a photo to any follower, unlike many of the mainstream “rock superstars”, he was really kind to everyone, which deserved my respects!!!

Next on the schedule were Germans from Blitzkrieg. They played their usual set of own songs of rock heavily influenced by metal. I think the crowd was a lit bit tired from the enthusiastic attitude from the previous band and they didn’t show so much energy during the time comrades from Deutschland played.

After a short break they were followed by Italians from Stato Asociale. This band was born in 2003, but it took several years until they set a regular line up. Their first recording was in april 2008, a demo entitled „Proud Nationalist Oi! Music”, containing five tracks self-produced CD, limited to 300 copies. In 2009 their full length album Grezzo, stupido & cattivo"("Raw, stupid & bad") was released by local label Barracuda Records. As many Italian bands they played typical RAC/Oi from the 80’s and most of their songs were covers of bands like “The 4 skins”, Combat 84, English rose and Plastic Surgery. I can say this is a promising new band, but they still have a lot to learn.

Around two o’clock at the night the last band of the program forced the stage. It was the youngsters from Utolsó Védvonal (Last Defending Line). I saw them once on live performance last year and their sound is quite good for so young band. They already have a demo cd and they also took part in the compilation “100 & Magyar” vol. 2. What I can suggest to them (and all other Hungarian bands) is to sing also in English…don’t force the sweet little girl to sing on stage with you :).

So finally after more then 10 hours of excellent music the gig ended. To summarize in few words my feelings on this event I can say just: BEST GIG IN YEARS!!! There were no troubles at all, even not one policemen showed on the place, and the atmosphere of comradeship thru different nationalities of White Europe was felt by everyone. In additions of the representatives of most of the European Folks, there were even comrades from Australia and Chile attended the event. Hail to Norbert for (once again) perfectly organized festival, thanks to Dani for the warm hospitality and cheers to Zozo, Mitja, Enrique and Petja for the great time we had together. Hope next year I’ll have the chance to participate to this event again, until then best wishes to all the comrades I’ve met, the fight for Europe goes on!!!

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