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October 15 Interview

Hello O. and Polish comrades from October 15! Where, when and by who was the band created?

The band started playing in Gdansk in the second part of 2004 and was set up by me.

Why the band was named October 15? What does this name mean to you?

The band was called that way to commemorate the date/month and day of our decision to set it up.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself? What is your present line-up? Who writes lyrics and who does the music?

I don’t want to write about myself from obvious reasons. When it comes to music and lyrics it is my job.

Members of your band take part in what other musical or another projects?

Yes, the vocalist sang in Hools Attack(WMG) for some time and I was writing lyrics and music for Warhead, Battlefield as well as music and half the lyrics for Honor.

Your first CD “For the nation” released in 2005. What do you tell us about this CD?

There are 4 tracks, especially in English, so that more people can understand what we want to present and these are 4 tracks RAC.

We think that you play classical RAC! Describe your type of music?

Yes, RAC is a style which has made a huge impact on our music. But on our new album there will be some RAC as well as harder beat.

What are your favorite bands? Which bands have the biggest influence on October 15?

There are lots of bands which influenced me and music done by O15. There have also been bands in which I performed but I don’t want to enlist them so that I won't omit anyone. Music is like an engine, it gives the power to live, to believe and to act. It is very important thing in life and that’s why we have been doing it for 20 years with different bands and under different names.

Did you play anytime out of Poland? Where have you played your best gig?

We haven’t played outside Poland (and only once in Poland) because first we want to pass something important through our music/lyrics and concerts are of less importance to us. We will perform for sure, there are offers but first there is lots of work ahead of us.

Please tell more in detail about your last studio album. Why did you title this CD "Gdy łączyła nas walka"? Whose idea it was?

The title is about the people who lost the faith in fight, and they dont do anything besides going to concerts, surfing the net and pretending that they fight because they are ashamed to admit their passive behavior. There are 10 new tracks on the CD and our first mini CD.

October 15 did a very nicely cover of the Russian band Kolovrat “Gieroi ROA”. Why did you choose this song? And tell us about the history of this cover?

Kolovrat is a good band. And they still stick to their rules and direction which they decided on. That’s why I did their cover and besides I know one of the leaders of the band. What’s more, we did the cover together to get our nations closer. It is important.

Are you working on any other covers for your new material?

Yes, on the split there will be a song performed with Kolovrat and two more bands. We will play the song Honor "Cena Idei". There will also be 4 new songs. Our newest CD (release march 2010)will contain 15 songs and it will include the cover of Bohse Onkelz"Mexico", Infernal War(good Polish black metal) and Skrewdriver "Street Fight" so 12 new songs and 3 covers.

Let's get back to the last album. This CD was released by a label “Fuck the system records”. How is the cooperation with this label?

All is OK, I can’t write more.

Please represent Polish NS Movement and WP musical scene to us! How it looks nowadays?

I am sorry but I can’t write about this.

Do the band members have any political activity outside the band? Are you actively supporting any nationalistic political parties or organizations in Poland?

I don’t think. When it comes to me I don’t support any party or organization.

What is your opinion on NOP (Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski), which is the most popular nationalist party in your Fatherland?

This is a party with national-Catholic profile, it doesn’t appeal to me. Listen to O15 lyrics and you will understand why. In Poland it is quite popular especially among the youth to whom you can push so and so doctrines.

Is there any conflict between NS/WP groups in Poland? Are the Polish NS/WP Movement united or not?

I don’t think there is a conflict. But there are lots of bands who play separately.

Has your band had any problems with police?

I don’t have and we didn’t have any problems with the police. I see nothing strange in our lyrics that would be of interest to the police.

As we know the relations of the Polish NS comrades and the Germans are not simple. What do you think about it?

Let’s start with the statement that we are white Europeans and we should stick together. If someone calls themselves white but aims at fighting between brothers, then they are only faking and have nothing to do with the idea of white power. Such people are everywhere and they destroy the image of our community. It is not only a Polish-German problem, there are many nations in Europe who hate one another and this hatred is against our common way. Fortunately, there are many normal people what makes me happy. I don’t care about the rest. They prefer the Turks or the Blacks rather than their own race. Nowadays there isn’t any place for such behavior, everybody should grow up and know about it.

Can you tell us about the regime of general J. Pilsudski from historical point of view?

Jozel Pilsudski is a symbol of independence fighting against the Bolsheviks
for Polish people. You could write a lot about him but that’s my opinion on him.

What is your opinion about Catholic Christianity? As far as we know in Poland many NS/WP activists take in interest in neo-pagan believes. Do you follow any religion?

It is normal that being who I am I don’t tolerate and I don’t get involved (weddings, baptism) with Christians because that mythology has nothing in common with my Slavic background. I can’t be against Jewish occupation at the same time and do like the Catholics. It doesn’t make any sense. So that’s the way it is.

Why did the band Honor stop it’s existence long before Mariusz's Szczery death?

It wasn’t good between me and him but Mariusz is dead so I won’t write about him. RIP.

As I know you have friendly relations with neighbors from Belarus? What do you think about their Movement?

Everybody knows how it is there so I won’t talk about it. It doesn’t make any sense. It is important that I know some people from there and they are OK. So my regards to them.

What do you think about the future of the world right-wing scene?

I have no idea. For me dangerous is this that right wing community in Poland is Christians. For me it all slowly loses its sense. So I am looking for a different way. Everybody can believe in what they want. For me, as I’ve mentioned before, one excludes the other. So, right wing stage doesn’t interest me very much. As a band, we sing about the race, honorable people with rules. That’s our music. We don’t write anywhere. Because if I am to praise the invader who oppressed my honour for 100 years then I say NO!

How important do you think the internet is in promoting WP music?

Internet is like telephone or fax, a fast means of communications. But you have to use it in the right way. But if it takes up most of your life ad you become a virtual warrior, then it is a bad thing. It is good that there is a greater access to music but the fight and real message may lose sense. So fuck the Net in such a meaning because it kills the real spirit to fight and makes money for people who trade other is work

Aren't you planning making some web site about October 15? We think that it would help promoting the band.

We aren’t interested. We aren’t rock stars. For us what’s important is the message we give through the music and lyrics on Cd. Through these you can find out all about us. Other things aren’t important.

What are the band's plans for the nearest future?

In March 2010 our new album with 15 new songs will be released. It will be called “No fight no glory”. Besides, in March there will be a solo album of one of us together with invited guests, also from your country. In June 2009 our split was supposed to be released. It was a split with one of the bands from your country and two bands from another. The album haven’t been released yet. I don’t know why. Probably some technical problems. It is about “Elitarne bractwo”

What do you think about Russia, our NS Movement and WP musical scene? Will you accept an invitation to play a concert in Russia?

These are your internal matters and I can’t talk about them as I am not there. You have a lot of great bands and people and that’s what is important. A concert in Russia? Of course yes but as I’ve mentioned before concerts aren’t the most important for us.

October 15 will take part in a four band split cd under the name “Elite Brotherhood”, which will be produced by Russian labels "XDR" and "Kolovrat SN records” in the nearest future. Which of your songs will be included? What an “Elite Brotherhood” means for you?

There will be our 4 songs and I’ve written about the split before and “Elitarne bractwo” means just people from different countries under Slavic flag recording a common CD. The name doesn’t mean we are elite. It is just a name which should encourage others to join us and create something for Europe and our nations.

As far as we know the football hooliganism in Poland is very strongly presented. Tell us more about the “firms” in your country? Any of your members involved in street battles? Which team you follow? Do you have any songs about hooliganism? What do you think about “white rap” which is popular among hoolies in Poland?

Our vocalist is Lechia hooligan and that’s why on our new CD there will be 3 songs about Lechia Gdansk. It’s been an anti-communistic club for ages and lots of hooligans are on our side when it comes to fighting the system. That’s all I can say.

Your final message to the readers of this interview in Russia and your wishes to our web-site ( and "National Resistance" magazine as well.

Greetings to our Russian “colleagues”, all best wishes!

Originally conducted by NATIONAL RESISTANCE RUSSIA (

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