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Gig in Valladolid

On 21st November a concert was held in Valladolid, Castilla, Spain, with three Spanish bands: Post Mortem, Drammatic Battle and Repudiados and three Italian bands: Gesta Bellica, Hate for Breakfast, and Legittima Offesa.

This event was attended by 200-220 persons from all over Spain, a group of French and two Germans.

We reached the city at noon just in time for a comradeship meal organized by the locals and where we ate with old friends and a group of Frenchmen who had come to Madrid for the events of 20th November and for the concert. Two where from the island of Corsica, and other two were from Nice and we met them in a festival in Budapest last summer.

After that we went to do a little sightseeing around the town before the concert, and then about 8pm we went to the place for the gig, where there were people since 5 pm.

The place was a big warehouse well conditioned, having even a flame gas heater. There were several stalls of material as well as a bar for drinks and sandwiches, this last one quickly disappeared.

Our "friends" in blue showed up and were identifying the people in the access road to the street of the place of the gig. Thanks to their risky work the concert was delayed, as they retained the van carrying members of Gesta Bellica and Legittima Offesa from 19:00 until 21:45.

About 10.15 once everybody had entered after being searched, the concert began. Firstly a comrade from Valladolid said a few words giving thanks to the organizers for all the effort made to make a concert of this level possible and also thanking to all those present for their support to these events.

The first band play was Post Mortem. They played all the songs of their demo, covers of Rebeldes, “morir o vencer” of Estirpe Imperial ... It was the second time we listened them, and thy are gradually improving. The group is very compact and has a brutal voice, although his sound was not all good, perhaps the acoustics of the warehouse did not favour the overall sound of the bands depending in what place of the hall you were located.

Next turn was fro the Italians Leggitima offesa. His live performance was superb, and they got the audience in their pocket from start to finish, because Gigi the singer and the rockabilly second guitar, made a good show. We must highlight the “Elvis style” dressing of the ' second guitarist, who made some good solos. They played for almost an hour and a half, going over all their better known songs as “Pace Libertà democracia”, “Teddy Gir”, “Profesore”, “Guerra”, “Droga”, “Bianco proletariado”, “Leggitima Offesa”, “White kriminals”, “Onore e Gloria” or “uncí 89”... And a cover of Skrewdriver, "I do not like you".

After them the Romans Hate for Breakfast took the stage. Of this band we only saw part of their performance, as we do not like much their style, anyway we must recognize that the give all on stage. They went through all their discography in a brutal way, as their singer Sandro knows hot to show the full potential of the band while on stage. Something to highlight was singer's jump over the public (stage diving), who raised him in suspense while he continued singing and then returned him intact to the stage.

Next turn was for the Spanish band, Drammatic Battle. They began their night with his song "Terroristas" and followed with "Íbero y brutal". They played their most known songs like “Gays skin”, “Alcohol y Descontrol”, “Democracia”, “El fin del paraíso”, Gangrena”, or “Muerte al Islam” and at least three new songs including "Revolución Racial", demonstrating that the lyrics of the band are each time more radical and polished. With the song "Llegó el día" a big pogo started, with everyone chanting in unison, almost like a hymn. Their performance ended it with a theme of their early days the theme "En las calles". They also played a cover of Skrewdriver "Boots & braces" and other of Hate Society but not very polished. Their sound was good although the guitar sounded a little high.

After them on stage appeared Italian RAC legend Gesta Bellica. They started playing their song dedicated to Rudolf Hess, followed by a cover of Skrewdriver "Free my land", which also played at the end of his performance by popular demand. The song that certainly had more success was undoubtedly "No pasaran" dedicated to all those fascists who ran over communism in Spain, the theme was sung by all the public, waving national flags drawn on purpose. Among his classic songs played were “Veneto Fronte Skinheads”, “Legio Patria Nostra”, “Giornalista”, “Gesta bellica”… In the middle of their performance, Castorina the singer sais some words dedicated to the Spanish prisoner Josue, to whom they have dedicated a song called "Libertad per Josué". Of all groups playing that night they had the better sound, perhaps because of his seniority, because playing since the early nineties is a degree. Just as a curiosity, their old singer was also there among the public.

When he finished his performance was nearly 5 am, so we decided to head home after a long day, because the next morning and for the rest of the day we has more events in our city.

The most unwearyingly enjoyed the Spanish band Repudiados for about half and hour until 6 am, doing covers of Klan, Division 250, Estirpe Imperial ... Until they were all literally without voice.

To sum up, it was a good concert that lasted nearly for 8 hours without any incident, good atmosphere and spacious premises. The audio of the performance of the groups was recorded for a compilation CD. We Take this opportunity to greet the "sun of the teletubbies" for their patience during the journey....
Цвят на текста

Chronicle by “Juventud Patriota de Valladolid” with additions from
Photos by and Skinheads Nissa.

With BoxroomHouse Spain colaboration!!!

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